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  • 🎅🏼 HO HO HO! Our Christmas Special is here!

🎅🏼 HO HO HO! Our Christmas Special is here!

A gift to you inside! 🎁


It’s a Mindstream Christmas everybody!

Welcome to our special Christmas edition. Let’s take this one real slow and enjoy it.
Let’s see if you were on the naughty list

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  • 🎄 2023 - The Year AI took over!

  • 🎅🏼 Christmas Image Prompt

  • 🎄 Mindstream’s Christmas Quiz!

  • 🎁 A Christmas Gift from us…

  • 🎅🏼 A Christmas Poem by ChatGPT

  • 🎄Christmas Image Extravaganza!


In 2023, AI took off! Let’s look back on some of the AI highlights of the year this Christmas…

From work to… worship

AI got everywhere this year.

2023 saw it integrate seamlessly into our routines.

ChatGPT's leap to 100 million users by February underscored its dominance. It became the fastest-growing new platform ever.

Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing Chat raced to catch up. Yet, ChatGPT held the crown.

And who knew the Pope could rock a Balenciaga puffer coat?

The famous image went viral, stirring up discussions on the ethical use and misuse of AI, and putting AI image gen into the public conscience.

And who could forget the church sermons delivered by ChatGPT?

this is completely unrelated to the story.

AI laws and job shake-ups

The AI wave didn't just bring cool tools; it stirred up some serious debates.

The EU set the tone with its "AI Law," while the UK opted for a softer, more welcoming approach to AI firms - deciding to hold off on harsh regulation in favour of innovation.

Meanwhile, the US juggled between them.

Geoffrey Hinton, the “godfather of AI”, quit Google, raising the alarm about the dangers of unchecked AI.

His departure was a reminder of AI’s potential risks.

On the job front, people started rushing to upskill to stay one step ahead.

Maybe you even signed up to a newsletter to keep you on top of what’s happening in AI…

Mindstream launched in June and has never looked back!

The healthcare sector is leaning heavily on AI, too, from diagnostics to drug discovery. It’s been an amazing year for healthcare advances.

Soon AI will help us all live longer!

The drama of the year…

And who can forget the drama at OpenAI? Sam Altman's brief exit and return was a real plot twist, we can’t wait for the Netflix series!

The shortage of high-power graphics chips, crucial for AI operations, hit companies hard - Nvidia’s stock skyrocketed thanks to their monopoly on AI powerhouse chips.

OpenAI had to put a 'Sorry, we're full' sign on ChatGPT signups due to insane demand at the launch of GPTs.

Wary of China’s technological ambitions, the US tightened chip export controls - how will this play out in 2024?

Phew. That was 2023 in a wrap for you.

Here's to more mind-boggling developments in 2024!


What an incredible year it has been! Mindstream is barely 6 months old and yet the pace of AI developments makes it feel like we’ve been going for years!


Get festive by trying this prompt in your image generator of choice.

“Christmas Day, White Christmas, Festive Spirit, Snow, Christmas Style”


We’ve put together a little AI quiz for you… How much do you know about artificial intelligence?

The answers are at the bottom of the newsletter!

1. Which genius is hailed as the godfather of AI?

A) Alan Turing

B) John McCarthy

C) Marvin Minsky

D) Claude Shannon

2. What's the name of the test where AI tries to pass off as a human?

A) IQ test


C) Turing test

D) Rorschach test

3. Which technology allows AI to learn on its own without being explicitly programmed?

A) Expert system

B) Neural network

C) Machine learning

D) Genetic algorithm

4. At what point might AI outsmart us all and maybe steal our jobs?

A) Singularity

B) Superintelligence

C) Transcendence

D) Emergence

5. Which AI capability reads emotions in text, like an empathetic robot?

A) Emotion Engine

B) Feeling Finder

C) Sentiment Analysis

D) Mood Meter


To say thank you to all of our fantastic readers, we’ve got a gift for you.

Access to The Prompt Engineering Bible!

Learn how to master AI with incredible prompts, from beginner to expert.

It’s completely free to access, with no strings attached.

Merry Christmas! 🎅🏼


In a town where snowflakes gently fall, Amongst the lights that twinkle bright, There's laughter heard from big and small, As Christmas Eve turns into night.

Santa's sleigh, up in the sky, Reindeer prancing, spirits high, With a ho-ho-ho and a twinkle in his eye, He spreads joy as he flies by.

The trees are dressed in glittering gowns, Presents wrapped with care beneath, While carolers sing through the towns, Warming hearts like a festive wreath.

Cookies baked, so warm and sweet, Milk set out, a tasty treat, For a jolly visitor with quick, light feet, Leaving gifts, his yearly feat.

Snowmen stand with carrot noses, Scarves around their snowy necks, Winter's charm, it just imposes, A season full of magic specs.

So here's to joy, to love, to cheer, To memories we hold so dear, May your Christmas be merry, never drear, Bringing smiles, year after year!

A Christmas Poem by ChatGPT


Feast your eyes on these Christmas images we made with AI!


I told you we send Mindstream even on Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas from the entire Mindstream team!

Here are the answers to our Christmas Quiz!

  1. B

  2. C

  3. C

  4. A

  5. C


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