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Elon is acting petty… we’re not surprised.

Would you want to contact a dead loved one with AI?

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Elon Musk’s AI company, xAI is making waves by announcing their AI, Grok, will be soon free for everyone to use.

This follows Musk’s legal action against OpenAI, a company he co-founded but left due to its shift towards making money.

Musk, known for his critical view of tech giants’ profit motives, emphasised the importance of open-source AI.

A move that aligns xAI with other tech firms like Meta and Google, who also share AI tech openly.

Tit for tat mentality?

This development has sparked a debate on the pros and cons of open-source AI, with concerns about misuse balanced against the potential for accelerated innovation.

Must suggest a third-party body to monitor AI development, aiming to ensure it remains safe and beneficial.

He launched xAI with the goal of creating an AI focused on discovering the truth, marking a clear stance on the value of open-source AI for fostering growth and innovation in the field.

Our View:

We knew Elon was petty but we didn’t know he was THAT petty.

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Sirine Malas, turned to an AI tool, Project December, after losing her mother in 2018.

This service, which costs $10, uses OpenAI’s GPT-2 (yes, GPT-2!) technology to let people chat with a simulated version of someone they’ve lost.

Users provide details about their loved ones, and the AI generates conversations.

Sirine found some of these chats eerily realistic but also noticed generic responses.

Project December has attracted over 3,000 users, mainly people dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Its founder, Jason Rohrer, notes that most users have a final conversation with their simulated loved one and then stop using the service.

Does it help with the crippling grief?

However, therapists like Billie Dunlevy warn that relying too much on this kind of tool might interfere with the normal grieving process, which involves coming to terms with the loss and moving on.

No rules specifically govern using AI to mimic the deceased yet, but new European regulations on AI could introduce some oversight.

Sirine felt the chatbot gave her some closure but warned others to use it sparingly to avoid getting too caught up in it.

Our View:

Talking to a chatbot ghost is probably cheaper than a therapist, but this looks like another episode of Black Mirror…

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