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+ Gaming strike due to AI?

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The first computer bug was an actual literal bug. In 1947, engineers working on the Harvard Mark II found that their computer was malfunctioning due to a moth trapped in one of its parts.

They removed the moth and taped it into their logbook, coining the term "debugging" for fixing computer glitches. So, when your computer acts up, it might just be longing for the simpler times of actual bugs.


GPT 4.5 Turbo was leaked… by mistake (wink wink)

AND actors are on a strike against Artificial intelligence.

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GPT4.5 Turbo, OpenAI’s latest creation, was accidentally revealed by search engines before its official announcement.

This new model is teased as the fastest and most efficient OpenAI has ever made, but full details are yet to be revealed.

The official reveal is rumoured for this Thursday, on the anniversary of GPT-4.

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, is also scheduled to appear on Lex Fridman’s podcast around the same time, sparking more curiosity.

GPT-4.5 Turbo is set to handle up to 256,000 tokens - double the capacity of its predecessor, allowing for the processing of about 200,000 words.

This boost could significantly improve how the model analyses large documents, potentially overcoming current models’ limitations in ignoring some details.

The powerhouse we’ve been waiting for?

The model is also noted to be updated with information until June 2024, suggesting a release around them, which is a bit unusual for OpenAI.

This might be a strategy to stay ahead of the competition, especially with Anthropic releasing a competitive model, Claude 3.

There have been whispers about GPT-4.5 Turbo since December 2023, including speculation about new features like video or 3D, capabilities.

However, the leaked teaser hasn’t confirmed any of these.

Everyone (including us) eagerly waiting for the official details to see how this model will push AI forward.

Our View:

GPT 4.5 Turbo might be able to write a sonnet about your cat, but can it beat you at Mario Kart?

What would you want GPT 4.5 Turbo to have most?

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SAG-AFTRA, an actor’s union, might strike against gaming companies over AI concerns, with chances of action happening soon.

Negotiations have hit a wall, especially around how AI might replace humans.

Despite a strong initial vote for striking, the union hasn’t seen progress in protecting actors from AI taking over their jobs.

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland from SAG-AFTRA says they're not against AI but want it to support, not replace human work.

They're pushing for clear rules on consent and fair pay for actors whose voices power AI technologies.

The union aims to protect actors from being exploited by AI.

Earlier, SAG-AFTRA made a deal with Replica Studios to use actors' voices ethically in AI, but it faced backlash.

If a strike happens, big companies like Activision and Disney could be impacted.

Actors are divided on AI: some see its benefits, while others are cautious, highlighting the need for a balance between technology and human creativity.

Our View:

Just gimme the Danny DeVito AI already.

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