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The GPT store is imminent and the juicy details of how much OpenAI is offering to pay news companies has been revealed!

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After several delays, the OpenAI GPT store is finally launching next week!

This could be as significant as Apple launching the app store all those years ago.

Here’s the email that went around to GPT builders yesterday:

What does it mean?

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, GPTs allow you to pre-program ChatGPT chatbots with instructions. To make and use them, you need a ChatGPT Plus subscription (as they use GPT-4).

Right now, GPTs can only be accessed by their direct URL link. There is no search functionality, or any kind of page to browse them, besides the list of ChatGPT’s own GPTs.

From next week, a fully-fledged store is launching. This means that GPTs will be compiled and searchable.

We also expect some kind of ranking system - like you know… an app store.

Money money money

It is also expected that GPTs can be monetised going forward. How this plays out has not yet been made clear - including how much revenue OpenAI will take.

Expect one-off payments and ongoing subscription options. (because we all need another one in our lives).

There was also no mention of it in the email that went out - so maybe this won’t be available right away.


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Details have been revealed on how much OpenAI is offering news publishers for access to their content.

This comes amid a host of lawsuits, showing OpenAI is preparing to offer financial incentives.

Is this acceptable, sir?

How much?

The figures are lower than you might expect. OpenAI is reportedly offering between $1M-$5M per year for access.

Sounds like a lot, but when you remember Apple is reportedly offering $50M for multi-year deals - and even they were met with reluctance - it sounds like OpenAI may need to up their offering.

However, some publications including Business Insider and Politico are already signed up to work with OpenAI.

That’s one lawsuit avoided at least.


I imagine post-lawsuits this will be the way forward - but do OpenAI really have the money to spare?

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