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🤫 Was GPT 4.5 SECRETLY launched?

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It’s Wednesday, which means more Midweek Mindstreammmm!

Rumours are swirling that GPT 4.5 has been launched in secret… and the evidence is pretty compelling!

Here is what you need to know about AI today in 5 minutes.
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OpenAI announced their next model, GPT-4 Turbo, at a conference in November.

Although not officially released yet, some users claim they are already on the model - with ChatGPT claiming it is GPT “4.5” Turbo.

What’s the evidence?

Redditors began reporting that when asking GPT-4 about its model, it would reply saying it was, in fact, the new model.

Take a look:

Screenshot from Reddit.

It is interesting because GPT-4 shouldn’t have any knowledge of a future iteration of itself without browsing the web.

Other users replicated the results, while some got an almost identical response however listing the current model “gpt-4”.

This led to rife speculation that some users had been rolled onto GPT 4 Turbo in secret!

So, what’s going on?

Fact or hallucination?

Engineers were quick to label it as a simple hallucination.

They believe the model invented the title, based on the fact 3.5 and turbo already existed previously.

However, it does seem a strange coincidence it would name itself exactly how OpenAI named it.

Other users have reported that GPT-4 is suddenly working better and faster than before…

Looks like we’ll need an official source to get this solved!


I genuinely don’t know - I’d like to back the engineers but the coincidence seems too hard to believe. An unnannounced beta test makes more sense to me.


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Is GPT 4.5 real or a hallucination?

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Yesterday’s Poll:
“Do you expect AGI by 2030?”

Our Reader’s Thoughts

“I don't, unless some miracle happens I don't think we can get there so soon” - dsid

“ChatGPT is only there a year, and AI already solved math problems no human ever could. It probably won't that 7 years. Moore's law is not dead.” - cver65

“Looking at the way LLMs are trained, fine-tuned, looking at issues like catastrophic forgetting, etc. I think we need a different approach to achieve AGI.” - joerg


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Your potential is like a diamond; it shines brightest when it's polished through effort and perseverance.

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A new survey has found that employees feel they need to learn new skills to stop themselves from being replaced by AI.

A study by KPMG asked about the impact AI has had on employees wanting to improve their skills:

Why AI skills weren’t at the very top, 49% of respondents mentioned them. This is astonishing when you consider that just a year ago, AI skills would have been completely alien to the vast majority of the population.

This wasn’t the only study pointing to this.

GetApp spoke to more than 1,000 UK-based employees about the impact AI would have on their role.

A 60% majority concluded that to compete with AI generally they must learn new skills, especially analytical and programming skills.

Meanwhile, 79% admitted to needing to grow their skillset to “remain an asset to their employer”.

AI has employees on their toes!


This is obvious right? Learn AI or get left behind. It’s like refusing to learn how to use a computer.


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