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What’s in store:

  • Google admits its AI search results were bad.

  • Samsung adds AI features to its smartwatches.

  • Around the web: Nvidia and AMD shares cool slightly.

  • Guidde makes documentation and onboarding 11x faster!

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Google has admitted its AI search needs fixing after it told users to eat rocks and use glue on pizza.

The search giant announced on Thursday plans to fix the problems, by retooling and refining its AI summaries.

By reigning the AI in, Google hopes to limit AI summaries to search terms where it will provide better value. So, no more rock-eating.

In a “hands up” blog, they explained what exactly went wrong and how they intend to fix it.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Google’s AI was returning bizarre summaries.

  • They have admitted the problem and are trying to fix it.

  • They are rolling back the feature and limiting it to certain search terms.

Another day another meme

Google’s whacky results quickly became meme-worthy, embarrassing Google with yet another AI misstep.

Remember when they had to respond to accusations their AI was “too woke”, after it produced images of female founding fathers, and Vikings of colour?

Google insisted the AI summaries worked well the vast majority of the time, but a few results that slipped through the cracks were all it took for the feature to go viral.

Google needs one of those “days since embarrassing AI mishap” signs.

Will Google ever nail an AI feature first-time?

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We all have that one colleague who keeps asking the same thing over and over again, no matter how many times we explain it to them.

It’s time you let AI do the explaining instead of you. Guidde is an AI-powered tool that helps you explain the most complex tasks in seconds with AI-generated documentation:

  • Turn boring documentation into stunning visual guides

  • Save valuable time by creating video documentation 11x faster

  • Use it to document workflows for your teammates, share insights across your company, train and onboard new hires, and much more

  • Brand new features like video intros and outros, and an improved editor!

Simply start a capture on our browser extension and the app will automatically generate step-by-step video guides complete with visuals, voiceover and call to actions.

Guidde is used and trusted by 20,000+ users. And we’re rated 5/5 stars on the Google Chrome store.

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Mystery Link…

We don’t know where it goes either…


Samsung has announced it is bringing AI features to its smartwatch lineup, with a new Wear OS update.

The updates are all health-focused, with six new major features for watch owners.

Energy Score will track overall health metrics like sleep, activity, and heart rate to summarise your current condition, using AI to interpret the data.

Wellness Tips will give you insights and “motivational tips” to reach your goals, based on your health data.

Sleep Indicators will be added to Sleep Score to give a “precise analysis” of your sleep including how much you moved while sleeping, your heart and respiratory rate.

Workout Routine will be able to use your health data to create workouts that are tailored to your current condition. Race will provide motivation when comparing outdoor runs or bike rides that you’ve taken along the same path - like chasing your ghost in Mario Kart.

Finally, Aerobic/Anaerobic Threshold Heart Rate Zone Metrics and Functional Power Threshold can analyse performance on the spot based on your health metrics.

The six new features:

  • Energy Score

  • Wellness Tips

  • Sleep Indicators

  • Workout Routine

  • Race Motivation

  • Threshold Heart Rate Zone Metrics

AI - the hot new thing in health

Samsung hopes the new features can help them compete with other smart trackers like Whoop and Aura, as well as the dominant Apple Watch.

The update will launch in beta in June, with a further rollout coming after.

Great, AI is telling us to get off the couch and go for a run.

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