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✅ Google assistant getting AI upgrade!

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If you’re anything like me, you use the voice assistant on your phone pretty sparingly. Maybe to set a timer when you put something in the oven, but not much more than that.

You can’t even ask Siri to open apps if it’s not connected to the internet for some reason. Let’s be honest - the “AI” assistants we’ve used in our phones are… sh*t!

Google has finally done what we’ve all been asking for - adding generative AI to its voice assistant. A leaked internal email says that Google is planning to “supercharge” its assistant with LLMs!

The work has begun internally, with a Bard-style model being tested. Google is also firing a small number of staff that work on the project, showing how much they see this as a complete realignment of the service.

Amazon is also supposedly working on this behind the scenes. It’s a Bezos vs Pichai faceoff! (sounds like the charity match before Zuck vs Musk)

Who's winning the AI-assistant race?

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Artificial intelligence needs powerful, number-crunching computer hardware to run on. From huge data centres to top-of-the-range graphics cards running Stable Diffusion (puts hand up), AI needs a lot of juice.

That raises the question then, is AI bad for the environment? Well… it turns out yes. Sort of. Remember AI models are running on the same equipment that is used to mine cryptocurrency - and we all remember the environmental backlash that received.

Prior to the integration of GPT-4 into ChatGPT, researchers estimated that the generative AI chatbot would use up 500ml of water for every 20 questions and corresponding answers. And ChatGPT was only likely to get thirstier with the release of GPT-4, the researchers forecast.

“Water!?” You ask, confused. Me too.

In more understandable terms, one analysis estimated that training of GPT-3, a predecessor of ChatGPT, consumed 1,287 MWh, and led to emissions of more than 550 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, similar to flying between New York and San Francisco on a return journey 550 times.

“That makes more sense”, you’re thinking. Me too.

As long as electricity isn’t coming from clean sources, AI will be contributing to environmental damage. Maybe AI can help us come up with solutions for clean energy generation that can power AI models!?


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