Google and Apple join forces

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Google and Apple join forces on AI!?

And the Department of Homeland Security LOVES AI.

And of course, a BIG SHOUTOUT to our partner, Magical. Saving us so much browsing time with their Magical AI extension.


Apple is in talks with Google about putting Google’s Gemini AI into iPhones.

They’re planning to add new features to the iPhone software but haven’t sorted out the details yet.

They might share more news in June at Apple’s big event for developers.

Google or ChatGPT?

Apple has also explored using technology from ChatGPT's creator, OpenAI, but seems to be going the Google route.

The move could see Google reach over 2 billion Apple devices, giving Google a leg up in its race with Microsoft.

It could also calm Apple investors worried about how fast Apple is moving with AI.

Google and Apple have been partners for a while, with Google as the main search engine on Safari.

This new AI deal could make their bond stronger but might also get more attention from regulators who are already watching Google closely.

Google's trying to spread its AI more, like with a recent deal with Samsung.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook mentioned they're investing a lot in AI and will share more plans soon.

Apple wants to add its own AI tricks to the next iOS update but is looking for a partner to power other AI features.

Our View:

Who knew frenemies could be so innovative?

Would you trust Google's AI on your iPhone?

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is diving into AI to improve how it works.

They’ve seen AI’s good and bad sides, like finding a missing child with an AI-made image or getting misled by fake images.

Now they’re starting special projects with tech companies OpenAI, Anthropic and Meta to use AI in fighting crime, training staff and planning for emergencies.

DHS is taking this step because AI is getting good at making realistic images and sounds, and they don't want to fall behind.

Master AI now, avoid future problems?

Alejandro Mayorkas from DHS says it's crucial to start using AI now to make the most of its benefits and avoid potential problems.

This move is part of a bigger trend where all sorts of workplaces are figuring out how to use new tools like ChatGPT.

But using AI is tricky, especially for government agencies, because sometimes AI can make mistakes or be unfair.

After a push from President Biden to make AI safer and more common in government, DHS is leading the way.

The agency, which deals with safety inside the U.S., plans to hire 50 AI experts.

They'll work on keeping important services safe from AI threats and help stop crimes.

With a budget of $5 million for these projects, DHS will use AI to help solve crimes and sift through lots of data to find clues.

They're also using AI chatbots to better train immigration officials with practice interviews and help plan for disasters by understanding more about different communities.

DHS will share how these projects went by the end of the year.

They're working with big tech and cloud companies because tackling AI challenges requires teamwork.

Our View:

Does that mean we’re finally getting ROBOCOP?!

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