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Germany has taken a big leap of faith and Elon can now control your brain…

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Germany’s paving the way for a new era of AI, and it looks like they’ve found the magic formula for compromise and progress.

The country is all set to give the green light to the EU’s groundbreaking AI act.

The Digital Minister Volker Wissing, who's the go-to guy for all things digital in Germany, spilt the beans on a successful compromise.

Why is this a big deal you ask?

The AI Act was the world’s first AI regulation, and now Europe’s biggest economy has greenlit it.

But hold your horses, it’s not a done deal yet.

The EU members and the Parliament still need to give it the nod.

According to Wissing, AI is the key to staying competitive in the future - and Germany has now accepted the critical regulation - while trying to ensure it is fair for everybody.

No AI, no game.

Wissing wants to protect civil liberties and make sure small and medium-sized businesses aren't drowning in regulations.

He fought for friendlier rules for innovation and scored some wins.

Though he's a bit tight-lipped on the details, he mentioned that the compromise is the starting point for building trustworthy AI.

And here's a little political twist for you - the Free Democrats (FDP), who roll with the pro-business vibes, had some objections earlier, but they dropped them like a hot potato.

It looks like they’ve compromised for the sake of getting the act through.

Our View:

This is a huge step for AI regulation - now Germany has approved it, expect everyone else to follow suit.

Do you believe this compromise will influence other nations positively?

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Well folks, after endless talks of chip implants it has finally happened.

Neuralink have successfully implanted their brain chip in a human!

The FDA gave Elon the green light back in September, and now the first trial is a reality.

Elon Musk, as usual, shared on X that the initial results are looking good with electrical and chemical signals to send messages.

And here’s the kicker - Musk revealed the first Neuralink product is called Telepathy!

Is it mind control?

The goal behind this, as per Musk, is to empower those who’ve lost limb function and give them the ability to control bionic limbs with their minds.

Now for those who follow Musk’s track record, there’s a mix of excitement and skepticism.

Elon, being Elon, has a track record of grand promises (remember autonomous Teslas in 2018?).

But this time, it's a "significant milestone," according to Professor Anne Vanhoestenberghe from King’s College London.

She reminds us to evaluate stability over time and the actual benefits for participants.

For the brain-computer interface community, we must place this news in the context that while there are many companies working on exciting products, there are only a few other companies who have implanted their devices in humans, so Neuralink has joined a rather small group”.

Neuralink's trial, called Prime, is a wireless brain-computer interface.

Elon even hinted at another project called Blindsight, aiming to restore eyesight.

It wasn’t all perfect…

Neuralink got a slap on the wrist – a fine for breaking US transportation rules.

Turns out, they didn't play by the book on hazardous materials.

Despite the bumps, Neuralink's on a roll. FDA clearance, a $5 billion valuation, and Elon's futuristic visions – it's a wild ride into the future!

Our View:

It’s as if we’re stepping into a sci-fi flick! Sure, Elon's made some wild promises before, but this feels like a genuine leap into the future. I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to get one implanted myself though.

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