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Happy Thursday, folks. We’re almost there.

Google’s AI may be coming back but people have trust issues now...

Zuckerberg is on his Asia tour learning about traditional sword-making in Japan… Also talking about AI stuff.

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Google's AI, Gemini, recently got in hot water for messing up historical images and being too politically correct in its answers.

We all remember that.

It made mistakes like showing a black man as one of the US Founding Fathers (maybe Gemini likes Hamilton as much as I do?). In response, Google stopped the tool to try and address the issues.

But it turns out the issue runs deeper…

Oops, Gemini did it again

People noticed weird answers on Google’s new Gemini chatbot to purposefully tricky questions, including a hypothetical scenario involving Caitlin Jenner.

They sparked debates on getting the balance right between being politically correct and accurate.

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, said they're working hard to sort out these problems, as the AI was trained on data that has biases.

When AI tries too hard

But fixing it isn't easy because history and culture are complex, and even trying to add diversity can make things complicated.

This all shows how important it is to keep an eye on AI and make sure it doesn't go too far or miss the mark.

Despite Google's big efforts in AI, the Gemini situation shows it's tough to make AI that's fair and accurate.

Our View:

Don’t trust Gemini for help on your history paper…

Will they be able to perfect Google's AI to stop it from making mistakes?

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Mark Zuckerberg is touring Asia, making stops in Japan, India, and South Korea.

It’s not all work; he's also enjoying some skiing and learning about traditional sword-making in Japan (why not?).

Meeting the political elite

In a key meeting in Japan with Prime Minister Kishida, they explored AI's future, focusing on its potential and misinformation challenges.

Meta, OpenAI, and Google are tackling AI misuse in politics with new watermarking tech to identify AI-generated content.

Zuckerberg’s next stop was Seoul, where he was talking tech, specifically about virtual and augmented reality, with giants like LG and Samsung.

These discussions could lead to new gadgets that might soon be on your wish list.

The tour doesn’t stop there

Zuckerberg will join the pre-wedding festivities of Mukesh Ambani's son in India, highlighting Meta's big bets on India's digital future.

Zuck’s around the World tour is his latest attempt to build up AI clout.

Our View:

Who knew Zuck liked Samauris as much as us?

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