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The whole idea of a credit card was dreamed up in a sci-fi novel all the way back in 1888.

Edward Bellamy's "Looking Backward" spun a tale about a card that let folks use a government-issued dividend to shop. Pretty ahead of its time, right?


  • France isn’t happy about Google’s ways of handling things.

  • Robots can now diagnose you, so maybe forget WebMD?

  • Learn why Shortform is the summarisation 🐐!


French authorities have fined Google €250 million for not playing fair with news publishers about using their articles.

Essentially, Google used these articles to train its AI, Gemini, without telling the publishers or paying them until recently.

This is part of a bigger issue where tech giants like Google or Meta are being asked to pay up for using news content.

It’s a hot topic because news outlets don’t like their work being used for AI training without permission or payment.

Google isn’t playing nice

In France, Google didn’t follow an earlier agreement to let publishers know their content was being used by Google’s AI chatbot, Bard.

This led to a hefty fine and demand for Google to make deals with French publishers.

Google’s been criticised for not being clear about how much to pay publishers and for not showing all the ways it profits from its content.

Even though Google thinks the fine is too high, it’s agreed to, wanting to move on and work better with publishers to link internet users to quality content.

The situation shines a light on the ongoing debate over how big tech companies use and pay for news content in the digital age.

Sure, maybe training AI overlords on unsuspecting news articles is a bit...unethical. But hey, at least they'll be well-informed overlords, right? Imagine a future where our robot rulers can hold a nuanced conversation about the decline of local journalism. Silver linings, people, silver linings!

Should news outlets get paid when tech companies use their content to train AI?

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Nifty Numbers

Researchers have developed an AI called Foresight that could predict future health issues a patient might face, using data from past health records.

Foresight, an AI similar to ChatGPT, was trained using NHS records and a US dataset.

The training was conducted by experts from King's College London, University College London, and NHS Foundation Trusts in London.

Medical crystal ball?

Foresight examined health records from more than 811,000 patients.

It predicted a patient's next health issue with 68-76% accuracy using NHS data and 88% accuracy with US data.

This shows promise for assisting doctors in patient care and decision-making.

The team behind Foresight aims to collaborate with more hospitals to expand AI's capabilities.

Their goal is to improve healthcare support and achieve more precise predictions.

This AI might be better at predicting your health than that time you WebMD'd your headache and convinced yourself you had a brain tumour (it was probably just dehydration).

But seriously, while AI fortune-telling for your future ailments sounds like something out of a Black Mirror episode, this tech could be a game-changer.

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