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  • 🎩 Facebook launching Abe Lincoln chatbot!?

🎩 Facebook launching Abe Lincoln chatbot!?

+ huge AI cancer experiment! 🩺

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  • 🎩 Facebook adding Abe Lincoln chatbot

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  • 🩺 AI excellent at spotting cancer!

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Facebook owner Meta is preparing to launch a range of artificial intelligence-powered chatbots that exhibit different personalities as soon as next month, in an attempt to boost engagement with its social media platforms.

The tech giant led has been designing prototypes for chatbots that can have humanlike discussions with its 4 billion users, according to people with knowledge of the plans.

The chatbots take on personas, with one in development apparently taking on the personality of Abe Lincoln. While this sounds serious, it’s also pretty weird to use a historical figure’s personality to bring them back from the dead.

Oh god, it’s Black Mirror again.

The chatbots are being launched to boost engagement with a younger audience that spends all their time twerking on TikTok (that’s what kids do these days, right?). The chatbots will also harvest data to make even better advertising… yay…

Would you chat with AI Honest Abe?

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Deep learning.

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that uses neural networks with multiple layers to learn and represent data at different levels of abstraction. It excels in tasks like image recognition, natural language understanding, and decision-making due to its hierarchical structure and ability to leverage vast amounts of data.


It’s a similar story to one we’ve heard a lot recently - AI is great at spotting cancer.

But a new large-scale experiment in Sweden has taken it to the next level. A huge trial involving 80,000 women has shown that AI is as good at spotting breast cancer as traditional doctors.

The women were split into two groups, with half being assessed by AI and half by veteran radiologists.

The results? The AI spotted 244 cases and the other group 203. This doesn’t mean the AI was better necessarily, but the really interesting figure is the false positive rate:

The AI only gave a false positive 1.5% of the time - the exact same figure as the human radiologists.

The research has been described as extremely encouraging by many medical professionals, and it looks certain that AI will soon be deployed to fight cancer.



In the realm of possibilities, even the smallest step forward holds the potential to create a profound impact.

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