EU goes to war with AI

+ Bitcoin password worth $350M

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Hey Mindstreamers, welcome to Tuesday!

The EU just declared WAR on AI misinformation.

And Someone who lost millions in Bitcoin has turned to AI!

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Meta is setting up a special team to fight fake news and AI-created mischief before the European Parliament elections.

This team will include experts from Meta working on spotting and dealing with fake stories, dodgy influence attempts, and misuse of AI.

They're also making it easier for fact-checkers to quickly spot and tackle election-related false information by grouping similar content together.

Meta plans to introduce a way for users to flag AI-made video or audio they share, with possible consequences for those who don't follow the rules.

Tagging - but not how you think

Meta is tagging AI-created photos and developing tools to identify AI-generated images from other tech companies on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads.

2024 is a huge election year.

With the European Parliament elections and over 80 countries like the US, UK, and India voting, nearly half the global population will vote.

Meta and 19 other tech giants, like Google and Microsoft, have promised to fight AI-generated content that tries to trick voters.

This agreement includes developing tools to spot such content and being more open about their efforts to combat harmful materials.

Raise the alarms!

Examples include Pakistan's Imran Khan using AI for speeches and a fake US message posing as President Joe Biden in New Hampshire.

Meta is stepping up to protect the upcoming European elections against disinformation and AI misuse, joining forces with other tech firms to keep democracy safe.

Our View:

Maybe let’s just let AI run the governments anyway - it can’t be any worse, right?

Can tech giants like Meta fight online lies and AI manipulation?

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Stefan Thomas, a programmer from San Francisco, is in a bit of a pickle.

Back in 2011, he made a minute-long Bitcoin explainer video and got paid 7,002 Bitcoins.

Fast forward to today, and those Bitcoins are worth a jaw-dropping $350 million.

However, Stefan's hit a snag—he's lost the password to his IronKey hard drive where all that Bitcoin is stored.

This isn't just any hard drive; it locks down after 10 incorrect password attempts, and Stefan's already used 8 of them.

Clicks of DOOM

As the value of Bitcoin has soared, Stefan has tried various ways to crack the hard drive open, with no luck.

But he's not the only one eyeing that fortune.

Cybersecurity groups have been on the case, and one company, Unciphered, reckons they've found a way in.

They've even demonstrated their method to a journalist, proving they can crack the code.

Despite the potential to reclaim his millions, Stefan's not jumping at their offer.

He's already working with a different team on a solution and isn't keen on switching tracks or negotiating new deals at the moment.

He mentioned that it's up in the air whether his current team might collaborate with Unciphered down the line, but for now, he's sticking with his crew.

So, the saga continues, with a fortune hanging in the balance and a password standing in the way.

Our View:

Lesson learned for Stefan?

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