Is it the end of coding?

+ Apple Vision Pro rival coming

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It’s the first day of the month! What does March have up its sleeve for us we wonder?

We’ll be able to code with our words, THANKS TO AI.

Meta and LG are cooking up something to take on Apple’s Vision Pro.

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In a recent talk at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Nvidia's CEO, Jensen Huang, made a bold claim that could reshape our approach to tech careers.

Huang suggests that, due to AI's rapid evolution, traditional coding skills might be taking a back seat.

Huang thinks that in the future, thanks to AI, people will be able to code just by talking or writing normally, without needing to learn complicated programming languages.

The end of a career in coding?

This shift could democratise programming, making "everyone a programmer" without the need to learn complex coding languages.

Huang isn't saying coding will become obsolete but hints that our focus might need to change.

He believes that as AI takes on more of the coding workload, people should consider diving into fields like farming, biology, manufacturing, and education.

These areas could benefit significantly from the touch of someone skilled in leveraging AI tools, rather than traditional coding alone.

Everyone’s a programmer now

Huang emphasises the importance of upskilling, suggesting that understanding how to effectively apply AI tools will be important.

This approach doesn't just open the door for more people to enter the tech world, It also encourages a broader understanding of where and when AI can be most impactful.

Basically, coding will still be around, but AI is changing how we use technology and make software, making it easier and more efficient for everyone.

Our View:

Now granny can code!

Should coding skills be a prerequisite for tech jobs, or will AI tools make them less necessary?

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Meta and LG are teaming up to create a new top-tier XR headset, called Meta Quest Pro 2, aiming to outclass Apple's Vision Pro by early next year.

This project hinted at since September 2023, proposes a $2,000 price, cheaper than Apple's offering, but significantly pricier than Meta's current top tier offering.

Coming for Apple’s jugular

After shelving a previous design, Meta is moving forward with LG to nail down the launch details for 2025, including features and how to sell it.

The Quest Pro 2 will run on LG's WebOS with Meta's AI tech, bringing smart features to LG devices, like AI virtual assistants in TVs.

Meta, a big name in VR gaming, is diving deeper into work-focused XR headsets, competing against big players like Apple, Samsung, and Sony.

By partnering with LG, Meta plans to leverage LG's tech expertise to fill gaps in app availability and enhance the media viewing experience on their platform.

This partnership could help Meta stand out by offering a high-quality headset that's both immersive and comfortable, and more affordably priced, taking on the Apple Vision Pro.

In fact, Zuckerberg recently declared the Meta Quest was superior to the Vision Pro at most things, despite costing approximately 7x less.

So, will an upgraded Quest have Apple sweating?

Our View:

We told you to wait before buying that Apple Pro you know…

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