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+ Gemini banned from election speak

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Today: Introducing the first EVER AI that builds and launches apps, Devin.

Also, Gemini is in detention… again!

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Cognition Labs, a fresh face in the startup scene, has made waves with its introduction of Devin:

The world’s first AI software engineer!

Devin stands out for being able to code and refine AI models all by itself.

It’s somewhat like the developer tools you might know from GitHub and Microsoft, but Devin pushes the envelope, working independently with 0 human intervention.

Devin has proved its mettle by handling real engineering tasks on Upwork, showing it can navigate its own coding environment and the web to solve problems.

In tests, Devin tackled challenges from real GitHub projects, solving 13.86% of them without any help - a big leap from older AI models.

Say bye-bye to coding

Beyond coding, Devin can also get the grips with new teaching fast, diving into the internet to learn how to tackle new tasks.

This is a huge deal because it hints at a future where AI could take on roles traditionally filled by humans, potentially changing the job landscape for software engineers.

Meanwhile, the broader AI industry is buzzing with heavyweights like Fognizant opening new AI labs aimed at making better business decisions through AI.

This growth shows just how much AI is transforming our approach to technology and work, promising more innovations on the horizon.

Our View:

Does that mean no more debugging at 4 am with our 5th cup of coffee?

Would you trust an AI to write your code?

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Google's AI chatbot, Gemini, won't talk about this year's global elections to prevent spreading misinformation.

As AI technology gets more advanced, concerns about fake news have grown, leading to tighter government controls.

If you ask Gemini about the elections, like the US presidential race, it advises using Google Search instead.

This step is part of Google's broader efforts to be careful, especially with big elections coming up worldwide.

Better safe than sorry

India is already asking tech companies to get government permission before launching new AI tools to avoid errors.

After some mistakes in Gemini's historical images, Google paused this feature.

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai said they're working on fixing these problems.

Meanwhile, Meta Platforms is creating a team to fight misinformation with AI as we approach the European Parliament elections in June.

Our View:

Gemini’s losing streak continues?

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