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Claude 3 is here! - What does it do?

+ Google's secret AI news test...

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Midweek check-in!

Claude 3 IS HERE! And can probably speak your mother tongue.

Google tipping off journalists? Really?

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Anthropic has finally unveiled Claude 3, which it is calling “a breakthrough in AI technology” with three new models: Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus.

Each offers a unique blend of speed, intelligence, and affordability, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Opus and Sonnet are now available for developers across 159 countries via claude.ai and its API, with Haiku set to launch soon.

These models mark a significant leap forward in AI capabilities, with Opus leading the pack.

It showcases unparalleled intelligence, excelling in complex cognitive tasks and demonstrating near-human understanding and fluency.

All three models are adept at analysing data, creating content, generating code, and conversing in languages like Spanish, Japanese, and French.

They can instantly handle tasks such as live chats, data extraction, and more, with Haiku being notably rapid and cost-effective.

Their advanced vision capabilities allow them to process a wide array of visual information, and they beat out GPT and Gemini on some types of testing.

Plus, they're designed to understand complex instructions better and answer queries more reliably, showing fewer unnecessary refusals and a better grasp of nuanced requests.

Accuracy has been significantly improved, especially with Opus, which offers a notable increase in correct responses and a decrease in incorrect ones.

Can it write your tweets too?

These models also promise long context understanding and near-perfect recall, even in dense information scenarios.

Claude 3 models are built with safety and responsibility at the forefront, equipped to mitigate a broad spectrum of risks and biases.

They maintain AI Safety Level 2, ensuring they're safe for a wide range of applications.

Sonnet and Opus are already accessible for use, promising a blend of higher intelligence, faster processing, and safer interactions for businesses and developers looking to leverage the latest in AI technology.

With regular updates planned, the Claude 3 family is set to push the boundaries of AI development even further.

Our View:

Is Claude made by Tony Stark in reality? That’s TOO advanced even for us normies.

What are you most excited to use Claude 3 for?

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Google is testing an AI tool that helps publishers make news articles.

This is by pulling information from other places, like government reports or other news sites.

They're giving some publishers money to use this AI to make articles for a year.

This AI takes existing stories and rewrites them in a new way, which has raised concerns about originality and its impact on the news industry.

Especially since the original creators aren't asked or paid for their work.

Google says this project is still in the early stages and claims it's meant to help small news publishers by providing them with a way to produce quality news more efficiently.

However, some people worry this could harm the journalism industry by encouraging the use of AI-generated content over traditional reporting.

From papyrus to pixels, now to...robots?

The debate is about whether using AI in this way is good or bad for journalism.

Google argues the tool is designed to support local publishers and is not intended to replace journalists.

But critics fear it might lead to a future where less original reporting is done, and more content is just recycled from existing material.

The conversation continues about how to use AI in journalism responsibly while ensuring the industry remains robust and original.

Our View:

Google sneakily trying to end journalism without us noticing!

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