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Happy Friday, folks!

China is pulling out all the stops to help it win the AI war. And we might have seen the biggest AI image fail yet.

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China is levelling the playing field for AI start-ups, addressing the challenge of big tech companies using up valuable AI resources.

Cities like Shanghai are introducing "computing vouchers" to help these start-ups afford data centre costs, now rising due to a chip shortage caused by US restrictions.

These vouchers, worth between $140,000 and $280,000, will let start-ups access data centres to develop AI models for various tasks.

The situation got tougher as US controls led to a scramble for graphics chips, with major firms like Alibaba, Tencent, and ByteDance keeping these vital resources for themselves.

Building their own playground

This has forced companies to find alternative ways to get these chips, even turning to the black market.

While these subsidies are a step in the right direction, they don't fully solve the problem of chip scarcity.

Beijing plans to offer more support for using domestic chips to reduce reliance on foreign technology.

Additionally, China is building its own network of data centres and platforms to offer computing power for AI firms, aiming to improve resource efficiency and reduce costs.

These efforts include a plan to build 10 data centre clusters to support AI workloads efficiently.

Government-run data centres could cut computing costs for AI companies by 40 to 50%, although there are still strict eligibility criteria.

China is also pushing for wider AI adoption while keeping a tight grip on its use, including managing how computing resources are distributed.

Our View:

China can try, but they just don’t have the tech knowledge to make AI chips.

Can China catch up on AI?

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The Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) recently faced criticism for a Facebook ad featuring an unrealistic AI-generated image of a couple at a concert.

The ad, intended to be unique, instead highlighted oddities like overly large and numerous fingers, leading to a backlash for its lack of authenticity.

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) called it the worst AI artwork they've seen, criticising it for disrespecting audiences and musicians.

Clearly, these guys used DALL-E for the very first time.

Playing a sour note?

The dodgy artwork in question.

Photographer Daniel Boud pointed out that while AI can help draft concepts, real art requires genuine execution.

He argues for a balance between using AI for initial ideas and maintaining the authenticity of final creations.

The controversy underscores the challenge of integrating AI into creative practices without diminishing human creativity's value.

Our View:

I remember my first image gen too.

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