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According to physicists, the total weight of all the electrons in motion that make up the internet at any one moment is equivalent to a… strawberry, at about 50 grams.


  • ChatGPT’s mega update arrives!

  • Google has a conference today, will you be watching?

  • Around the web: CDs are making a comeback?!

  • Guidde makes documentation 11x faster with AI!


OpenAI has finally launched a new AI model, called GPT-4o. It has also launched a desktop version of ChatGPT, aiming to upgrade the user experience of its popular chatbot.

The update makes GPT-4 available to everyone, including free users - who will finally be able to use the more advanced bot with better logic and much more up-to-date information.

Technology chief Mira Murati announced that GPT-o4 is faster and better at handling text, video, and audio.

OpenAI also plans to add video chat capabilities to ChatGPT - meaning you’ll be able to FaceTime with ChatGPT - maybe.

OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, is valued at over $80 billion.

The company faces the challenge of leading the generative AI market while managing significant costs.

The “o” in GPT-4o stands for omni.

The new model supports 50 different languages with improved speed and quality.

It will also be available via OpenAI’s API, enabling developers to build applications with it.

Murati added that GPT-4o is twice as fast and half the cost of GPT-4 Turbo.

OpenAI demonstrated the model’s audio capabilities, such as calming someone before a public speech.

Researcher Mark Chen noted that the model can perceive emotions and handle interruptions.

It can also analyse facial expressions to comment on emotions.

“Hey there, what’s up? How can I brighten your day today?” ChatGPT’s mode said when a user greeted it.

The update we never knew we needed

OpenAI plans to test voice mode soon, with early access to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

The new model can respond to audio prompts quickly, similar to human response times.

Chen showed the model’s ability to tell a bedtime story, change its tone and even sing.

It can also function as a translator in audio mode, demonstrated by translating between Italian during a conversation.

Here are the main points you should keep in mind:

  • GPT-4o is faster and supports 50 languages!

  • The voice mode allows audio interactions.

  • Video chat is coming soon.

  • Free users can now use GPT-4!

For OpenAI, this launch is one of the company’s biggest announcements since the release of ChatGPT Enterprise.

OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google are leading a surge in AI development.

In 2023, nearly £23 billion was invested in generative AI, with the market expected to top £800 billion in revenue within a decade.

The new model will first roll out to ChatGPT Plus and Team customers, followed by Enterprise users. Free users will also get access with some usage limits.

OpenAI's advancements aim to make AI more accessible and versatile, continuing its journey to lead the AI industry.

This is about to turn into “Her”, isn’t it?

Are you jumping on the new ChatGPT update?

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On This Day

May 14th 1988 - The final episode of "Seinfeld" airs, drawing an audience of 76 million viewers. The show's finale was one of the most-watched events in TV history.

Leaders in AI

Marc Raibert

Marc Raibert, founder and chairman of Boston Dynamics, is focused on evolving robots beyond their current simplistic, task-oriented capabilities.

Despite their practical applications in safety and surveillance, Raibert criticises robots for their lack of cognitive skills, likening them to "dumb toasters."

He aims to advance robot intelligence through the Boston Dynamics AI Institute by developing what he terms "athletic AI," which would strengthen robots' real-time perception and decision-making abilities.

Raibert's vision includes creating robots that can reason and plan like humans, overcoming the limitations of fixed, repetitive tasks.

Amidst these innovations, he also addresses ethical concerns about AI, advocating for its development like nurturing a toddler, emphasising growth and learning over the fear of potential negatives.


Google's annual developer conference, Google I/O, is set to kick off today, focusing heavily on AI.

The event will feature the latest on Gemini, Google’s advanced AI model developed to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT, as well as new developments in Google Search, Maps, and Android.

You can watch the keynote live on Google’s website or its YouTube channel.

There’s also an option for those needing American Sign Language.

Google's efforts in AI are front and centre this year.

Key discussions will likely explore the integration of generative AI into Google Search and innovative features in Google Maps, such as AI-driven shopping assistance and virtual try-on experiences.

Here’s what’ll be out:

  • Significant enhancements in AI functionalities across Google services are anticipated.

  • Google aims to embed more AI features into smartphones, simplifying daily tasks.

  • Watch out for possible previews of upcoming devices like the Pixel 9 and updates to the Pixel Tablet.

Smartphone as an AI Hub

Expect Google to turn smartphones into more powerful AI tools.

New features could include AI recommendations for dining and locating electric vehicle chargers.

Google is also refining an AI feature that manages phone calls by waiting on hold for you.

While the main focus appears to be on software, Google may still drop hints about new hardware, such as the Pixel 9 and a revamped Pixel Tablet.

There’s also buzz around a new version of the Pixel Fold, possibly rebranded as the Pixel 9 Pro Fold.

The Mindstream team will be watching from the front row!

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