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The pyramids are older than you think. Cleopatra actually lived closer to the moon landing in 1969 than to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The pyramid was built around 2560 BCE, while Cleopatra reigned from 51-30 BCE.


  • OpenAI is here to take over Google search.

  • AI skills need to be added to your resume.

  • Around the web: UMG renews its partnership with TikTok.

  • Your chance to attend industry-leading AI events for free!


OpenAI is set to launch a new AI-driven search tool today, stepping up its game against Google.

This tool integrates with ChatGPT to fetch and cite information from the web directly.

It's timed to grab the spotlight just before Google's annual I/O conference, potentially overshadowing their news.

Here’s what you should know about this:

  • OpenAI's reveal is strategically timed just before Google's I/O event, positioning it front and centre with its latest web-search capabilities.

  • The update will enable ChatGPT to pull real-time data and references from the internet, addressing previous issues with accuracy and timeliness.

  • OpenAI is asserting itself in the AI arena, challenging big players like Google and rising stars like Perplexity with its innovative search solutions.

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, hinted at these exciting updates on social media, noting they’re not a new version of ChatGPT or a standalone search engine but something quite impressive.

New search tool Unlocked

Following his posts, there was a slight dip in Alphabet's shares, though they did recover a bit afterwards.

Historically, ChatGPT has been seen as a promising tool for online searches, though it has faced challenges with precision and up-to-date information.

OpenAI previously tackled these issues by linking ChatGPT with Microsoft’s Bing for premium users.

On the other hand, Perplexity, an AI start-up led by a former OpenAI researcher, is making waves with its unique AI-native search interface.

This interface includes citations and multimedia in its results, attracting 10 million monthly users.

How will Google respond?

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Domino Data Lab is hosting a series of ground-breaking in-person AI events, for leaders in data science and IT to network, innovate, and stay on top of AI.

Attendees will hear from industry leaders in top companies including Moderna, EY, Bridgewater and Moody’s Analytics.

You will learn:

  • How to leverage all forms of AI to shape the future of your business

  • How to drive maximum impact and value

  • How to establish responsible AI practices

  • How to keep ahead of the curve

You can register to attend, completely for free!

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May 13th 1950 - The first round of the Formula One World Championship is held at Silverstone, England. It's recognised as the beginning of F1 racing as a global competition.

Trending Tools

Bluedot*: Bluedot is an AI-powered Chrome extension for Google Meet. Install the free Chrome extension! 🔵

AutoResponder: This tool connects to major messaging apps to automate customer interactions, offering custom rules for automated chat replies, which makes it ideal for businesses that rely heavily on mobile messaging tools like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

MagicForm: An AI-driven conversational platform that enhances customer engagement by generating personalised, human-like responses. It's designed to quickly learn about a business and assist customers autonomously, supporting over 30 languages and providing automated follow-ups.

Conversica: This AI tool uses "Revenue Digital Assistants" to manage customer interactions, aiming to build customer relationships and drive sales. It's particularly effective at the top of the sales funnel, qualifying marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and supporting demand generation strategies with personalised outreach. Specialises in generating personalised sales-driven emails using AI. It analyses LinkedIn, webpages, and CSV files to learn about prospects and craft tailored messages, intended to increase engagement and response rates.


Microsoft and LinkedIn have recently released the 2024 Work Trend Index, revealing significant trends in AI adoption at work.

This report draws on a global survey of 31,000 people, LinkedIn’s employment data, and Microsoft 365's productivity insights.

Notably, Microsoft has upgraded its Copilot feature for Microsoft 365, and LinkedIn now offers over 50 free learning courses to its Premium subscribers, aiming to improve AI skills.

The report shows a sharp increase in the use of generative AI in the workplace, with applications nearly doubling over the last six months.

Although AI is helping employees manage larger workloads and better creativity, many companies lack a coordinated AI strategy.

This has led to individuals bringing their own AI tools to work, raising concerns about data security and inconsistent technology use.

Here’s what should happen:

  • Companies need to formulate a clear AI strategy to harness its benefits fully and mitigate potential risks.

  • Both organisations and professionals should prioritise AI education to stay competitive.

  • Successful AI integration requires strong leadership and access to role-specific training.

As AI becomes essential for job roles, many leaders are hesitant to hire those without AI capabilities.

Yet, few companies currently provide AI training, pushing professionals to seek their own learning opportunities.

This situation presents a chance for organisations: those that equip their teams with AI tools and training can attract top talent, while proactive individuals can secure a competitive advantage.

The research categorises AI users from sceptics to power users, with those deeply integrating AI into their routines experiencing significant benefits such as reduced workload and increased job satisfaction.

Leadership support and tailored training are key to maximising these benefits.

Understanding and strategically implementing AI can help businesses navigate the evolving workplace landscape, fostering both organisational growth and employee satisfaction.

You’re here telling me you haven’t taken one “Intro to Gen AI” yet?!

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