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  • 🤔 Is ChatGPT getting worse?

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OpenAI’s GPT 4.0 model has been out for a while now and can be accessed with a $20 a month fee.

But is the newer model actually worse?

Lots of anecdotal evidence seems to suggest it might be, at some tasks.

One group of researchers found that GPT-4 was spewing much less accurate answers to some more complicated math questions. Previously, the system was able to correctly answer questions about large-scale prime numbers nearly every time it was asked, but more recently it only answered the same prompt correctly 2.4% of the time. Awkward!

Programmers have also complained about coding getting worse. Researchers found that GPT-4’s coding ability has also deteriorated. The team fed it answers from the online code learning platform LeetCode, but in the newest version, only 10% of the code worked per the platform’s instructions. In the March version, 50% of that code was executable.

As well as this, although GPT-4 is better at not-responding to offensive prompts, it provides less rationale for its responses, giving shorter “I’m not doing that replies”, which can also be considered a downgrade.

Another perspective is that we overestimated how good these models are, and are bumping up against their limitations.

Will GPT 5 be better… or worse?

Have you found ChatGPT is getting worse?

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Dell is looking to take advantage of the AI boom and is going all out to pitch it to business customers.

Traditionally a PC maker, Dell is now offering powerful enterprise hardware that runs AI models, as well as a new AI platform, to get businesses started on AI.

Dell is following Amazon which also offers AI setups for companies that want to dip their toes into the world of AI.

Describing generative AI as an inflexion point, they also announced Dell Professional Services, a managed service platform that will help users begin experimenting with generative AI models and troubleshoot issues once integrated into businesses.

More and more companies are trying to ride the AI gravy train.

Who will win out in the end!?


The present moment is a gift. Embrace it fully, for within its embrace lies the power to shape your future and create lasting memories.

Your daily pearl of wisdom from ChatGPT.


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