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+ AI Cloud Wars!

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Welcome to Thursday, people.

If you hate repeating yourself, SAME. But ChatGPT is getting a new upgrade just for that!

AND There’s an AI cloud war happening in the digital sky. Oh, and if you want to be a finance bro (or sis) we have a GPT tool that might help you with that.

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ChatGPT can now remember stuff, just like you and me!

It can now remember things you tell it across different chats, so you don't have to repeat yourself.

It can also give you even better answers each time you run your prompt.

Think of it like a super-powered notepad.

Control the brain

You can tell ChatGPT to remember something specific, ask it what it remembers, or tell it to forget anything you want.

You can even turn off its memory completely if you prefer.

Here's how it works:

As you chat, ChatGPT can pick up on details or you can tell it to remember something important.

The more you use it, the smarter it gets at remembering and using that info.

It can remember things like meeting notes with bullet points and action items, like the face you own a coffee shop, the fact that your toddler loves jellyfish or something even more random!

It can then use this info to help you with future tasks, like creating meeting notes, brainstorming social media posts, suggesting birthday card ideas…

Incognito GPT

ChatGPT won't remember anything sensitive unless you tell it to.

It also won't use your memories for anything sneaky or shady.

You can even choose not to share your memories with anyone else.

It's currently being tested with a small group of users, but it'll be available for everyone soon.

If you want to chat without using memory, there's a "temporary chat" option.

Your very own ChatGPT version of the incognito tab!

You can also use "custom instructions" to tell ChatGPT exactly what you want it to know about you.

Memory is a big step forward for ChatGPT, and it's going to get even better over time.

Our View:

Well, at least now ChatGPT can remember to wish you a happy birthday if someone forgot…

Memory in AI: Friend or foe?

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The battle for cloud dominance is bigger than we anticipated!

Amazon's Web Services (AWS) has long been the undisputed champ, holding onto the top spot for years.

But we have Microsoft's Azure charging in like a tech knight on a shiny cloud server.

Here's what’s happening:

Five years ago, Azure was only half the size of AWS.

Now? It's three-quarters the size, according to analyst estimates.

Microsoft's secret weapon?

AI - obviously. They're investing heavily in this tech, and it's paying off.

Their Azure division saw a 6-point revenue growth thanks to AI alone, compared to just 3 points the previous quarter.

They're even powering chatbots like GPT-4, thanks to souped-up graphics processing units (GPUs) in their data centres.

This is attracting businesses who want to add similar AI smarts to their products.

AWS isn’t sitting still, though.

They've launched their own AI models and are aggressively competing.

CEO Andy Jassy even boasts they offer "the most expansive collection of AI-powered computing resources."

But for now, Azure's growth is in the lead.

It's growing much faster than AWS, and it's become a major profit generator for Microsoft.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means more choices and better deals as these tech giants battle it out!

Whether you're a techie building the next big app or just someone who wants to store your cat pics in the cloud, you have to choose your players wisely.

Our View:

Please, we don’t need any more clouds over here in the U.K.

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