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Elon Musk's has just unveiled Grok-1.5, a new AI model that's making waves.

This update is poised to upgrade X's social network chatbot, Grok, with its launch just around the corner.

Grok-1.5 is smarter, especially with coding and math tasks.

It's aced the MATH benchmark, doubling the score of its predecessor, Grok-1, and also performed significantly better in programming and problem-solving tests.

This model can digest huge amounts of information, up to 128,000 tokens of text.

This means it can remember and utilise much more from conversations or documents, leading to more coherent and relevant interactions.

Key Improvements:

  • Improved reasoning in coding and mathematical tasks.

  • A significant jump in understanding complex prompts.

  • Expanded memory allows for handling longer documents and conversations.

Grok stands out for addressing controversial topics, unlike other AIs.

Beta testers on X

Early testers on X will soon try out Grok-1.5 and its new features, including thread summaries and content suggestions.

This announcement follows's decision to open source Grok-1, a move that sparked interest but left many wanting more access and capabilities.

Musk said more X users, particularly premium subscribers, will soon access Grok, broadening its availability.

In essence, Grok-1.5 is stepping up the game with its advanced reasoning and expanded memory, promising a richer, more intelligent chatbot experience on X.

This AI remembers everything you ever said. Time to finally come clean about your questionable internet searches from 2012?

Is Grok going to reach ChatGPT's level?

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On This Day

1st April 2004 - Google announced Gmail to the public, which was initially perceived as an April Fools' Day joke due to its then-unprecedented 1 GB storage capacity.

AI Tools to Start Your Week*: A GPT-powered sales assistant designed to help businesses double website leads and increase engagement by creating personalized experiences.

Scalenut: An AI-powered SEO and content marketing platform that assists in keyword research, content brief creation, and content optimization for higher search rankings.

Clay: Combines over 50 data providers, real-time scraping, and AI to send personalized campaigns, aiming to scale creative outbound marketing ideas.

MeetGeek: An AI meeting assistant that auto-records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides insights from meetings, enhancing productivity and meeting management.

ResearchRabbit: Offers a powerful discovery app for researchers, helping to accelerate the research process and find meaningful insights in research papers.


Derby City Council is pioneering a unique approach to educating youngsters about the perils of gang culture and knife crime, leveraging the power of VR.

With the backing of Home Office funds, the council has introduced VR headsets in schools, after-school clubs, and community groups.

Utilising state-of-the-art VR headsets, students are plunged into realistic scenarios that reveal the dangers associated with gangs and knives.

  • Each VR experience offers over 3,000 possible outcomes, providing a rich, immersive learning environment.

  • Students have described the sessions as both immersive and intense, underscoring the realism and impact of the VR experiences.

  • Beyond the virtual sessions, children engage in creative arts workshops to further dissect and understand the issues at hand.

The programme doesn’t resort to shock tactics like showing weapons or violence.

Instead, it opens up a dialogue, aiming to alter perceptions through safe, reflective experiences.

Derby leads with this local government-led approach, reflecting the UK's successful educational and police partnerships.

This initiative underscores the universal threat of knife crime, with local authorities like Councillor Hardyal Dhindsa stressing the importance of proactive prevention measures.

In essence, Derby's use of VR technology in educational settings represents a forward-thinking strategy to tackle serious social issues.

My parents wished they had VR back in the day to scare me straight. Maybe then I wouldn't have worn those JNCO jeans...

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