Can Apple deliver privacy in AI?

+ Pope intervenes on AI

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What’s in store:

  • Can Apple protect your privacy?

  • Pope Francis will be talking about AI ethics.

  • Around the web: X CEO Linda Yaccarino addresses promotions, revenue targets, and upcoming live events amid layoffs.

  • Taplio is our secret to LinkedIn growth!

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Apple unveiled its much-anticipated AI system, Apple Intelligence, at its annual developers' conference on Monday.

The system is set to customise user experiences, automate tasks, and establish a “new standard for privacy in AI,” according to CEO Tim Cook.

Despite Apple’s emphasis on security, its partnership with OpenAI has stirred some controversy.

OpenAI's ChatGPT, launched in November 2022, has faced criticism for collecting user data without explicit consent.

Apple asserts that its use of ChatGPT will be limited to tasks like email composition and will require explicit user consent.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Apple Intelligence aims to enhance user experience while prioritising privacy.

  • Partnership with OpenAI’s ChatGPT will be limited and consent-based.

  • Apple’s delayed AI integration was to ensure responsible and secure technology deployment.

Can they pull it off?

Apple has lagged behind competitors like Google and Microsoft in the AI race, but it claims this delay was intentional to ensure responsible technology application.

Unlike other companies, Apple has developed most of its AI offerings with proprietary technology, aiming to keep user data within its ecosystem.

AI relies on vast data collection, posing a challenge to Apple’s privacy focus. Critics argue that balancing privacy and AI integration is impossible.

However, Apple’s approach, featuring the new Private Cloud Compute technology, aims to address these concerns by processing most AI functions on devices and outsourcing strictly necessary tasks to the cloud with stringent data protection measures.

Just waiting for Siri to read all my embarrassing texts.

Do you think Apple’s AI will genuinely protect user privacy?

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June 14th 1962 - The European Space Research Organisation (ESRO) is established in Paris, later evolving into the European Space Agency (ESA)

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From lightyears away, their beams arrive,

Glimmering codes that data systems strive

To scrutinise and solve with software bright -

These cosmic messages hold secrets to light.

Starlight riddles, encrypted in photon streams,

Describe origins that exceed human dreams.

To unravel their puzzles, computers combine

Spectroscopy's powers with arithmetic fine.

Analysing stars' cryptic luminous lines,

What technological skill lets us read creation's signs?

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Nifty Numbers

Proportion of AI Usage in Different Countries

In most countries, people use generative AI more in their personal lives (27%) than at work/school (21%), with variations across six surveyed nations.


For the first time, the G7 summit in Italy will feature a unique guest: Pope Francis. He’s set to discuss the ethical risks posed by AI.

Why Pope Francis?

Pope Francis has been vocal about AI, emphasising its development for humanity’s benefit.

Last year, an AI-generated image of him in a white puffer coat highlighted the issue of deepfakes.

In response, he’s advocated for using AI for peace, reflected in the Rome-Call for AI Ethics, a set of principles developed with tech companies like Microsoft.

Here’s what they're going to talk about:

  • Rome-Call for AI Ethics: Principles developed to promote transparency and accountability in AI.

  • Hiroshima Framework: International principles on AI ethics influencing global regulations.

  • Pope’s Moral Authority: Focus on ethical AI use for the greater good, beyond political and economic agendas.

G7 leaders have long discussed AI ethics.

The Hiroshima framework, which was agreed upon in Japan last year, and the Rome-Call are not legally binding but guide future laws.

These principles influence regulations like the European Union AI Act and the White House's voluntary AI commitments.

The Pope’s unique perspective

As a religious leader, Pope Francis brings moral authority rather than a political or economic agenda.

He’s expected to focus on using AI to help the poor and protect the environment, offering a moral compass for this transformative technology.

This historic G7 summit could mark a significant step towards ethical AI development, guided by both political leaders and moral principles.

Divine intervention is coming for AI!


Jurny is an AI platform automating hotel and short-term rental operations, targeting $355B in inefficiencies.

Partnered with industry giants like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia, Jurny’s technology is fully automating operations for thousands of properties globally.

  • In 2023, Jurny’s customer base grew 5x and it processed $35M+ in bookings.

  • Featured by CNBC’s Squawk Box for its AI innovations and impact on hospitality, as well as by Forbes, Bloomberg, Skift, and many others.

  • In just six months since its rollout, Jurny's AI has autonomously managed every aspect of guest communications for over 143,000 reservations.

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