Can AI power a crypto revolution?

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TODAY: Bitcoin and AI, what’s that all about?

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Can AI power a crypto revolution?

The fusion of AI and Bitcoin through blockchain technology presents an interesting opportunity.

Blockchain, first introduced with Bitcoin in 2009, offers a secure, unchangeable record of transactions. How is this useful for AI?

These characteristics are now being leveraged to ensure the integrity of AI training data.

By recording data on the blockchain, developers can track and verify the information used to train AI models, addressing concerns about biases and misinformation.

Companies like Casper Labs, in collaboration with IBM, are developing systems where AI training datasets are stored on the blockchain.

This method allows for the auditing of AI training processes and even the ability to ever an AI model to a previous state if it starts generating false information, or hallucinating, as we know it.

Environmental struggles

The environmental impact of these technologies is significant with data centres, crucial for both cryptocurrency mining and AI, expected to double their electricity consumption by 2026.

Cryptocurrencies and AI collectively accounted for approximately 2% of global electricity demand in 2022.

The challenge lies in balancing this surge in demand with the urgent need for renewable energy sources to mitigate environmental repercussions.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network stands out as a promising innovation amidst these challenges.

It helps micropayments with minimal fees, enabling cost-effective AI model training and collaboration among organizations.

This not only democratises AI development but also introduces a model where individuals worldwide can contribute to AI fine-tuning in exchange for Bitcoin payments.

Such a model leverages Bitcoin's global reach and its ability to operate beyond traditional banking limitations.

Some Bitcoin mining operations are diversifying into AI, using their infrastructure for AI cloud computing.

This synergy between Bitcoin's proof of work and AI could foster resilience and innovation in the digital economy.

Experts in the field, like Bill Aronson and Cathie Wood, underscore the inevitable adoption of Bitcoin driven by AI's needs.

AI agents require a currency that operates globally, 24/7, without the constraints of traditional banking systems.

Bitcoin, especially through the Lightning Network, fits this bill perfectly, potentially increasing its value as its utility in AI-driven economic activities grows.

A new phase of digital innovation

It offers solutions to current technological challenges, from ensuring the integrity of AI data to addressing the environmental impact of increased electricity consumption.

This convergence can transform how we use the internet, making AI development more accessible and positioning Bitcoin as the digital age's currency.

It promises to increase efficiency, lower costs, and drive digital economy growth.

In the future, what do you think will power our digital transactions?

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AI Image or Real? - The Results!

Yesterday we asked you to vote on an image and guess whether it was a real photo or an AI-generated image.

What did you think?

71% said made with AI…

29% said real photo…

It was… AI!

I guess we should have tried a bit harder with this one…

This picture was generated in Midjourney.

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AI Art

Artwork submitted by Mindstream reader Roland Si “Mummies from ancient Egypt having tea in front of the pyramids ”

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