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Apple’s secret AI project revealed

+ Robots will soon be bagging your groceries

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Solar and lunar eclipses recur every 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours, a period known as a Saros cycle. This cycle brings similar eclipses that occur at nearly the same time of year.

What’s in store:

  • Apple is expected to add Google’s Gemini this fall.

  • Would you let Robots bag your groceries?

  • Around the web: Apple declares the iPhone X, first-gen AirPods, and HomePod "vintage”.

  • Create videos with Augie Studio’s all-in-one platform.

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Apple is expected to expand its AI integrations beyond ChatGPT soon.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will likely announce a deal to add Google Gemini this fall.

Rumours have hinted at this for a while, and Apple’s Craig Federighi has hinted at a Google collaboration post-keynote.

Another potential deal with Anthropic is also on the horizon, though Meta’s Llama chatbot won’t be joining due to its performance issues.

Here are the latest updates:

  • Google Gemini Integration: Expected announcement this fall.

  • Apple Intelligence: Beta launching this fall, potential for subscription features.

  • AI Profits: Through in-app purchases and AI partner subscriptions.

Ready for Google Gemini?

Apple Intelligence is set to debut in beta form this fall, focusing on direct profits rather than just enhancing hardware features.

Gurman suggests that subscription features could roll out eventually, but it's still early days.

Apple Intelligence will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

Despite this, Apple will still profit from in-app purchases and AI partner subscriptions.

Third-party AI services will bridge the gap until Apple’s own AI system is fully developed, offering more choices for users.

Another day, another AI.

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On This Day

June 2nd 1962 - The first Walmart store, founded by Sam Walton, opens in Rogers, Arkansas.


In 1986, the first self-checkout system appeared in a Kroger store near Atlanta.

Automated grocery technology is booming, and robotic bagging is on the horizon.

MIT’s CSAIL department introduces RoboGrocery, a system that uses computer vision and a soft robotic gripper to bag various items.

In tests, the robot handled both delicate items like grapes and robust ones like soup cans with precision.

Here’s how it works:

  • Detects and identifies items on a conveyor belt.

  • Adjusts pressure based on item fragility, placing delicate items like grapes gently.

  • Orders items sensibly, placing sturdy items like soup cans at the bottom.

Smarter, faster, better

“This is a significant first step towards having robots pack groceries and other items in real-world settings,” said Annan Zhang, lead author of the study.

Although not ready for commercial use, the research shows the potential of combining multiple sensing technologies in robotics.

Future improvements include enhancing the gripper and imaging systems. As RoboGrocery advances, it could be used beyond grocery stores in places like recycling plants.

Honestly, I just hope it knows not to squash my bread.

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Don’t Miss - Apple has classified the iPhone X, first-generation AirPods, and first-generation HomePod as "vintage," meaning they stopped distributing them between five and seven years ago. Vintage products can still receive service from Apple and authorised repair shops, but this status signals the beginning of the end for official support.

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