Apple's AI plan - is it enough?

+ Sonos tries its hands at headphones

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Modern scientists are still puzzled by the longevity and strength of ancient Roman concrete used in structures like the Pantheon and aqueducts. The material has withstood the elements for millennia and seems to have a regenerative healing effect.


  • Apple is trying to catch up on AI, but is it enough?

  • Sonos is coming up with some pretty advanced headsets.

  • Around the web: Students hack laundry machines so they don’t have to pay.

  • Guidde makes documentation 11x faster with AI!


Apple is falling behind in the AI race and needs to change its strategy to catch up.

Despite launching Siri in 2011, rivals like OpenAI and Google have surged ahead with their AI-powered personal assistants.

Apple's focus on privacy and on-device processing has hindered its AI capabilities, but upcoming changes aim to fix this.

Apple will introduce new AI features at WWDC on 10 June.

These will supposedly include improved Siri capabilities, auto-summarising notifications, and AI-based photo editing.

However, Apple’s generative AI isn't advanced enough for a chatbot like ChatGPT.

Instead, it's partnering with OpenAI to integrate its technology into iOS 18.

Apple may also revisit the idea of creating its own AI-based search engine to reduce reliance on Google.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Apple's generative AI updates include a partnership with OpenAI.

  • Upcoming hardware upgrades will support AI processing.

  • Apple is re-evaluating the differentiation strategy between iPad and Mac.

Apple scrambles to catch up in the AI race

Apple is also updating its hardware to support AI, with the new M4 chip enhancing AI processing in iPads and Macs.

But hardware alone isn't enough; Apple must speed up its software updates to stay competitive.

Apple's strategy to differentiate the iPad from the Mac is also being reconsidered.

The iPad Pro has powerful hardware but lacks macOS, while Macs don’t have touch screens.

A more integrated approach could strengthen both products.

Additionally, Apple is set to release a new AirTag with improved tracking and is expanding the Vision Pro to Asia, where VR is more popular.

By addressing these areas, Apple hopes to regain its competitive edge in the AI landscape.

Siri's starting to feel like that old phone you keep meaning to upgrade.

What's the ONE thing you'd LOVE Siri to finally be able to do?

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On This Day

May 21st 1932 - Amelia Earhart becomes the first female pilot to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean, landing in Ireland, exactly five years after Charles Lindbergh's historic flight.

Leaders in AI

Alexandr Wang

Alexandr Wang, who became the world's youngest self-made billionaire at 24 by co-founding Scale AI, has shaped his company into a $7 billion powerhouse that fine-tunes data for major AI players like Meta and Microsoft.

Scale AI uses a combination of software and a global workforce to annotate vast amounts of digital data, essential for training machine-learning algorithms.

However, Wang's vision extends beyond business success; he emphasises the role of AI in national security, influenced by his upbringing as the son of Chinese immigrants who were physicists at Los Alamos.

His concerns about China's AI ambitions have made him a significant voice in Washington, advocating for AI's role in upholding democratic values against authoritarianism.

Despite its success, Scale AI faces criticism for its labour practices, described by some as "digital sweatshops," prompting internal reviews to ensure competitive compensation.


Sonos is hinting at its “most requested product ever” on social media and in emails, set to be revealed on 21 May.

This is almost certainly the Sonos Ace, their first wireless headphones.

Originally expected in June, the Ace might arrive sooner.

This follows sightings of the headphones on sale by an authorised dealer.

The timing could also help Sonos address issues from their new app rollout, which lacks key features like a sleep timer and local library management, improvements that may take months to implement.

Here’s the summary:

  • Sonos Ace wireless headphones likely to launch on 21 May.

  • New app rollout has missing features; updates may take months.

  • Roam 2 speaker expected in June with improved Bluetooth pairing.

Sonos is about to blow your mind (and ears)

Sonos is also planning to release the Roam 2 speaker in June.

It will closely resemble the original Roam but with a dedicated Bluetooth pairing button and a colour-matched logo.

The original Roam had issues like mandatory Wi-Fi setup before using Bluetooth and a complicated pairing process.

Other upcoming products, like a TV streaming device and the Sonos Arc soundbar, are expected later this year.

Sorry, but I’ll stick to my boring AirPods.

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The Pentagon is set to forge deep partnerships with commercial space firms, embedding their tech into military operations and training for deployment in conflicts.

Global stocks rose, with the Dow closing above 40,000 for the first time, amid stable U.S. markets.

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