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Christmas Eve! Let’s have some fun!

We’ve got an epic Christmas prompt treasure hunt for you today…

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Get ready for Santa!

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Apple is reportedly in talks with a host of major news publishers.

Supposedly, they want access to news archives to train their AI models!

What’s the deal?

The company is apparently discussing deals that would last many years and be worth at least $50 million. They have supposedly been in touch with publications like Condé Nast, NBC News, and IAC.

Clearly, Apple wants a giant stockpile of data to feed to whatever it is building behind the scenes.

the company is apparently working hard to catch up on OpenAI, Google and Microsoft, reportedly spending “millions of dollars a day” on AI.

It recently released a machine learning framework to build models that run well on Apple Silicon and is working to optimise the ability to run LLMs on phones.

Tim is working hard to bring us AI

Publishers are uncertain

Publishers are apparently not thrilled at the idea of the deal.

This is because they will be on the legal hook for any problems that arise, supposedly.

Apple has also been vague about their plans, leaving some publishers with cold feet, while others want to do the deal.


Hurry up Apple.


Start your day by trying this prompt in your image generator of choice.

“a mountain of presents under a giant christmas tree”

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Poll Results will come on Boxing Day as we’ve got something different coming for Christmas!

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Our Reader’s Thoughts

“I’ve used it already and it’s incredible” - hugh.p

“why bother when you can make images with ChatGPT?” - cinderr


Yesterday we asked you to vote on an image and guess whether it was a real photo or an AI-generated image. 

I hope this made you feel festive.

Clearly, it didn’t puzzle you too much, as the result was pretty one-sided!

68% of you said AI

32% of you said real photo

The image was...


I made it easy for Christmas ok?


In the grand theater of life, you are the star of your show; make each performance a remarkable one.

Your daily pearl of wisdom from ChatGPT.


Friend of the newsletter and fellow AI-guru Heather Murray has prepared an incredible prompt-based Christmas treasure hunt for our Mindstream readers!

Check it out!

The Treasure Hunt

Keep sugared-up kids happy with an exciting Christmas-themed treasure hunt around the house!

The below prompt will generate a 10-clue treasure hunt, complete with rhyming clues, personalisation and safety measures (the clues won’t be placed anywhere dangerous).

If it suggests a place you don’t have (e.g. a dishwasher) just feed that back and it’ll create a new clue.

The Prompt

Act as a highly creative copywriter. You’ve been tasked with writing all the clues for an exciting treasure hunt for my child, who is [age] years old. Their name is [name], include this throughout. The clues should be 4 lines long and they should rhyme. The whole treasure hunt should tell a complete story with a beginning, middle and an end. Avoid placing any of the clues in places that could be dangerous for a child (climbing high, hot surfaces, by electrical sockets etc.). I’d like 10 clues in total, and the final clue should point to a grand prize. This is very important: the clues should be Christmas-themed and be very festive, every single clue. Please think carefully about how each one can be festive without losing the rhyme or the story.

Here are the rooms we have: [name the rooms]

We’d like the treasure hunt to start in the: [room]

The grand prize is: [name the grand prize].

Put all the clues into a printable PDF so I can cut them out, and under each one put a note as to where that clue should be placed.“

Go and try it folks! Thank you so much again to Heather for putting this together.


Santa checking his list. Made by ME! HO HO HO

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