Has Apple missed the AI boat?

+ Googles new AI gamer!

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Today: Apple needs to up its game with AI or it won’t win the race.

AND Is Google’s AI a better gamer than you?

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Apple, once the go-to for investors because of its climb to becoming the world's top company, is now facing challenges.

The focus on tech has shifted to AI, which is the hottest growth driver, leaving Apple's traditional revenue from gadgets and services in a bit of a slow zone.

While still a revenue powerhouse, its future growth pace is up in the air. Apple has hinted at big AI plans, but it's unclear how this will pan out.

As a result, Apple's stock isn't as hot as it used to be, and some are starting to see it more like a reliable, steady investment rather than a growth star.

Can Apple bounce back?

It's still solid for those who like dependable growth and have a strong financial base, but the excitement in the tech world has moved to AI and companies like Nvidia, which are at the forefront of this trend.

Apple has lost some of its market value and is no longer the most valuable company, overtaken by Microsoft and Nvidia, which are thriving on AI demand.

Apple's sales have dipped, and despite its secretive plans for AI, investors are getting impatient, looking for clearer signs of AI innovation.

The company faces challenges, including stiff competition, regulatory fines, and questions about what can drive its next growth phase.

Apple's valuation reflects a more cautious outlook, similar to traditional companies.

However, looking at Microsoft's turnaround under Satya Nadella, from a slow-moving software company to a leader in AI and cloud computing, there might be a path forward for Apple.

With a hefty cash reserve and solid earnings, Apple is well-placed to make a comeback, potentially leveraging AI in ways we've yet to see.

While the tech scene is currently all about AI, counting Apple out too soon could be a mistake.

Its history of innovation and financial strength suggests it might still have some surprises in store.

Our View:

Introducing iRobot, coming soon to wash your dishes?

Is Apple doomed or set for an AI Comeback?

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The AI revolution is unfolding, and its latest venture? Gaming.

Google DeepMind has rolled out a project named SIMA (Scalable Instructuable Multiworld Agent), an AI designed to master games.

Unlike traditional AI projects that focus on development tools, SIMA aims to become an expert player.

In collaboration with various games developers, Google’s SIMA has been trained in a diverse array of games, from No Man’s Sky to… Goat Simulator 3.

The goal? To understand and act on instructions given in plain English.

Level up your game (or get left behind by robots)

SIMA’s training covered nine games, teaching it to perform tasks across different gaming environments.

Whether it’s driving, jumping, or problem-solving, SIMA aims to apply AI smarts to gaming challenges.

This AI has mastered over 600 basic skills, accomplishing tasks in second that might stump the average player.

Google believes SIMA could pave the way for AI that not only excels in games but also assists in various real-world applications through simple language commands.

In essence, SIMA is Google’s bet on creating on AI that can outplay humans, making it a fascinating development in the world of artificial intelligence and gaming.

Our View:

Now you can start blaming AI when you die on Call of Duty again.

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