🍎 Apple CLOSES AI team!

+ Crazy AI inventions from CES 😆


Your weekend… ENDS! Welcome to our Sunday edition.

Apple is shuttering one of its AI teams for starters. We’re also looking at some of the craziest AI inventions shown at CES.

Find out if that image was real or AI…

Let’s dive in!

Here is what you need to know about AI today.

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Apple is closing an AI team based in San Diego, according to Bloomberg.

The team has been told to relocate to Austin to join forces with another AI team or lose their jobs.

What did they do?

The team was called Data Operations Annotations - and was primarily tasked with improving Siri by rating its responses.

Clearly, this team is now surplus to requirements - if the rumours of an all-singing all-dancing AI Siri are true.

A small number of the team were working on migrating Apple products to LLMs - further indicating the AI future coming soon to Apple (hopefully).

The majority of the employees are unwilling to make the move, and so will likely be losing their jobs.

Apple’s slow AI response

This provides another peak behind the curtain of Apple’s AI in the works.

Siri is going to get a big upgrade.

Tim Cook has previously said Apple is working on generative AI, and we’re all waiting for their take on it.

Apple tends to be slower to the market, preferring to “perfect” features before making them part of their products.

It’s a strategy that has served them well thus far - but can they afford to hold on while the AI train is leaving the station?

Our View:

Apple will release an AI that will blow our minds somehow… right?

Is Apple struggling on AI?

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Mindstream CEO Adam Biddlecombe will be interviewing YouAI CEO Dmitry Shapiro about how AI will impact business over the coming year.

You thought AI was big in 2023?
2024 is going to change everything.

Dmitry will provide invaluable insights - having been CTO of MySpace and Group Product Manager at Google - it’s fair to say he has his hand on the pulse of what is happening in Silicon Valley!

Dmitry’s new company, YouAI - is changing the AI space with MindStudio - an intuitive AI app builder that’s completely free to use.


Yesterday we asked you to vote on an image and guess whether it was a real photo or an AI-generated image. 

So, was our beautiful image of the woods real or fake?

61% of you said AI

39% of you said Real

It was…

A real photograph!

Are you beginning to doubt reality?!


In case you hadn’t realised, it’s the year of AI. That’s what this year’s CES has highlighted more than anything.

Here’s a brief round-up of some of the craziest AI inventions showcased at the trade show.

AI Pillow

Can AI help you stop snoring? Apparently so. The AI Pillow from Motion Sleep is designed to combat snoring. It detects snoring sounds and autonomously adjusts its shape by inflating different compartments. This action gently shifts the sleeper's head position, potentially reducing snoring.

AI Washing Machine

Samsung announced an AI-powered washing machine. It uses sensors to determine the weight and soiling level of the laundry and then adjusts the amount of water, detergent, and rinsing time using machine learning. That actually sounds pretty useful.

AI Mirror

A smart mirror powered by AI assesses your face and judges you based on several factors. The redness of your face, your eyebags, how oily your face is and any dark spots. It then suggests a skincare routine to solve these problems.

Our View:

Honestly, the washing machine sounds good - but let’s be honest, AI has just replaced the word “smart”, hasn’t it?


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