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🫵🏼 AI is coming for your job...

+ AI fighting vandalism! 🥊


Hello, and welcome to Monday. Don’t look so upset.

The AI klaxons are going off - 40% of us are about to get fired apparently…

But at least AI is helping defend historic monuments!

And we’ve got some awesome tools for you to try!

Here is what you need to know about AI today.

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The IMF is predicting AI will affect 40% of all jobs, and that this will in turn lead to wider inequalities.

The report also claims the impact will be more widely felt in advanced economies.

The stats explained

It is important to note that the IMF are claiming jobs will be “affected” by AI - not taken by AI, with half of the impact being a positive increase in productivity.

They are predicting that up to 60% of jobs will be impacted in advanced economies and just 26% of jobs in low-income countries.

IMF's managing director Kristalina Georgieva says "in most scenarios, AI will likely worsen overall inequality".

However, higher-income and younger workers may see a disproportionate increase in their wages after adopting AI.

In other words, upskill with AI, and increase your value. Those without AI skills may be left behind

Are new laws needed?

This has raised the question of whether we need to legislate to ensure we are prepared for this kind of change in our society.

Universal Basic Income has often been discussed in regards to AI - when many jobs are automated, will this be the solution?

Expect more radical ideas too - remember when Italy tried to ban ChatGPT?

Our View:

Like when the computer replaced the typewriter, AI will probably change jobs forever. But it is naive to believe that all the jobs that are lost are not replaced by new ones that we can’t imagine yet, but whether they are replaced 1:1 is a different question…

Do you think AI will lead to higher unemployment?

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Mindstream CEO Adam Biddlecombe will be interviewing YouAI CEO Dmitry Shapiro about how AI will impact business over the coming year.

You thought AI was big in 2023?
2024 is going to change everything.

Dmitry will provide invaluable insights - having been CTO of MySpace and Group Product Manager at Google - it’s fair to say he has his hand on the pulse of what is happening in Silicon Valley!

Dmitry’s new company, YouAI - is changing the AI space with MindStudio - an intuitive AI app builder that’s completely free to use.


Every Monday we give you a list of AI tools to try to kickstart your week!

MyAskAI - Add an AI customer support assistant to your site’s existing live chat in minutes and resolve 69% of queries without a human - with a free forever plan.

Maverick - Maverick's AI-generated video platform helps e-commerce stores create personalised experiences for each of their customers. Increase conversion, boost LTV, and delight your customers while achieving 40X-100X ROI.

Surfer SEO: AI-driven content optimization platform for maximizing website ranking and creating SEO-friendly content.

Frase.io: AI-powered tool for optimising content, discovering keywords, and improving search rankings.

Smartly.io: Ad management software for efficient social media advertising with automated and data-driven features.


AI could be used to stop vandalism at historic monuments, new research shows.

AI could be used to help “link” crimes together and predict them, following an increase in the number of vandalism crimes on churches, castles and other historic monuments in the UK.

AI to the rescue

It is hoped the technology could identify offenders by tracking tags and matching graffiti in other areas using machine learning.

The research, funded by Historic England, analysed crimes recorded over four years.

It found that 8% of all recorded crime and anti-social behaviour occurs within, at, or close to, a protected heritage site.

It is estimated that 20% of all protected sites experience at least one vandalism-related crime each year.

Our View:

Protecting history - who could argue against it? (besides the vandals!)


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 🤔Is Apple struggling on AI?”

Yes, it caught them off guard - 53% 
No, they are just taking their time - 47%

🗣️ Reader’s Opinions

“I think Apple is doing it the Apple way: with an approach that appears to be a calculated and user-centric strategy, balancing innovation with their core values of privacy, quality, and user experience. This doesn't necessarily indicate a struggle, but rather a different prioritization in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.” - dkmbaker

“In the speed of AI, waiting to perfect it means you're woefully behind.” - michael.d

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