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🔎 How AI will change search FOREVER!

+ AI learns like CHICKENS!? 🐥

It’s Tuesday, and we’re all back at work!

2024 is sinking in… We’re taking a look at how AI is going to transform search forever!

Here is what you need to know about AI today in 5 minutes.

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Today, LinkedIn AI expert Jo Lambadjieva has written an article analysing how AI will change search engines in 2024. Thanks Jo!

Let’s see how search is evolving in 2024, especially with Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) and Amazon's AI advancements. It's like stepping into a sci-fi movie, but it's real, and happening right now!

Google SGE

First up, Google's SGE. This thing is not just another update; it's a game-changer. Imagine typing, "I need a birthday gift for my brother who loves cooking," and boom! Google offers you a curated list of cool kitchen gadgets.

And it's not just about finding stuff; it's about creating it too. Users can now describe their dream puffer jacket, and SGE will show them similar items. It's like having a personal shopper available 24/7!

Then, there's the virtual try-on tool. Try anything on with the power of AI. It's not only cool but also super helpful for online shopping.

Amazon’s big moves

Now, let's talk Amazon. They are currently developing “Project Nile” which is all to do with integrating AI into the Amazon search bar.

There will be a huge shift in customer experience. Imagine asking Amazon, "What do I need for a beach trip to Florida?" and it knows you've got kids, you're prone to sunburn, and you've already got three beach blankets.

This is the future Amazon is aiming for.

But here's the kicker – this AI shift isn't just about convenience; it's a total overhaul of how we search and shop.

Sellers need to keep up. No more keyword stuffing; it's all about quality content and images that AI can understand.

Bezos’ AI future

A new way to search

Both Google and Amazon are pushing the boundaries of AI in search. For e-commerce, it's a wake-up call. You've got to provide real value, or you'll be left behind.

And for customers? It's like stepping into the future where your search engine knows you better than you know yourself. Crazy times, but super exciting!

Thanks for the breakdown Jo!

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The search engine AI war is well and truly on - just how much of a shakeup will AI be to something like the humble Google search?


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“Really, think about it. Technology only gets better.” - jasonans

“The year of 2023 was just the beginning! ” - moba


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A new study has shown that AI learns in the same way as… newborn chicks!

Baby chickens require just a few pieces of visual information to learn, and researchers found AI can emulate this.


When chicks are born, they quickly pay attention to the first moving thing they see - which is usually their mother. This helps them stay close.

Scientists tested this by raising chicks in a box where the only visual stimulation came from an object presented on a screen.

Then, they ran each chick through hundreds of test trials that showed that same object and a different one.

The chicks spent more of their time near the first object, suggesting they had imprinted on it.

Testing it on AI

Scientists then virtually recreated the setup and found that AIs could recognise the objects 70% as accurately as the chicks - suggesting AI models can learn from tiny amounts of information.


A fascinating experiment that shows AIs don’t neccessarily need a large amount of data to learn.


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