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Could AI Watermarks actually be a bad thing? + Scientists have combined brain cells and AI… yay?

PLUS - can you tell if the image is real or AI generated?

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Amidst the buzz around tech bigwigs like Elon Musk and OpenAI, a crucial piece of AI news has gone under the radar.

Researchers have found out that it's super easy—taking just two seconds—to erase watermarks from AI-created content. D’oh!

These watermarks are supposed to help us tell apart real content from AI-made stuff. But, as it turns out, they might be useless.

This issue gains extra importance as we're approaching election times worldwide.

Also, there's a big push to make sure everyone can spot the difference between real and fake content online.

The criticism mainly targets Meta's plan to use watermarks for spotting fake news, which, according to researchers, isn't quite up to scratch.

Watermarks on fake news? Good luck with that

The catch is, watermarks are only effective if the people making fake content decide to use tools that include these watermarks, which often isn’t the case.

Even content from top AI sources like OpenAI can be tweaked to get past these checks with something as simple as a screenshot.

On another front, platforms like YouTube and TikTok are trying out labels to mark AI-generated videos.

But, this approach has its own set of problems, mainly because it can be confusing.

For instance, TikTok might label a video as AI-generated because of minor AI effects, even if the video is mostly real.

This confusion highlights a bigger challenge in making sure people can reliably tell real content from AI-generated ones, which isn’t as easy as just sticking on a label or watermark.

The effort to use watermarks and labels to fight fake news is important, but it's still a work in progress and hasn’t yet proven to be a solid solution, especially with elections on the horizon.

The situation shows we still have a long way to go in our battle against online misinformation.

Our View:

Watermarks on AI content is like trying to use a sieve to catch fog – good luck with that!

How worried are you about AI-generated fake news fooling you in the next election?

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An Australian startup, Cortical Labs, has developed 'DishBrain', a unique AI created by combining human brain cells with technology.

This breakthrough could customise medical treatments to match a person's DNA, offering a more personalised approach to healthcare.

DishBrain learned to play Pong and has shown that it can react differently to drugs based on the genetic makeup of its brain cells.

This innovation could lead to better treatments with fewer side effects and is also being explored for discovering drugs to fight diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer's.

AI with a side of humanity

The idea of a biological AI raises ethical questions and concerns about the possibility of it gaining consciousness.

And Cortical Labs is committed to ethical standards and acknowledges the need for clearer regulations in this fast-evolving field.

Experts argue that proper regulation is essential for public trust and the safe advancement of technology like DishBrain, highlighting its potential to revolutionize healthcare and beyond.

Our View:

Just hurry up and implant me so we can get this over with!

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“Developing something from nothing is hard. Reverse engineering something without understanding how it was created is pointless.”- rob@kte

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