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What’s in store:

  • Can AI code better than us?

  • TikTok has its own chatbot, and it’s called Genie.

  • Around the web: Apple Watch Series 10 may feature a larger screen, thinner case, and new AI-enhancing chip.

  • QueryPal makes customer service simple.

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How good is AI at writing code, really?

For decades, programmers have been crafting code for AI models.

Thanks to AI, the roles are reversed - AI is coding for us.

So, how does AI-generated code stack up against human programmers?

A study in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering examined the code produced by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, focusing on functionality, complexity, and security.

ChatGPT's success rates varied widely, from a low of 0.66% to a high of 89%, depending on the task's complexity, programming language, and other factors.

The study revealed both advantages and concerns. While AI can enhance productivity and automate tasks, there are notable security risks with AI-generated code.

Yutian Tang, a lecturer at the University of Glasgow, highlighted the need to understand both the strengths and limitations of AI code generation.

What you should know:

  • AI can boost productivity but has security risks.

  • ChatGPT excels at older coding problems but struggles with newer ones.

  • Providing AI with detailed instructions can improve code quality.

To go deeper, Tang's team tested GPT-3.5 on 728 coding problems from LeetCode across five languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python.

Results showed that while ChatGPT could generate functional code for pre-2021 problems, its performance dropped significantly for newer issues.

Some stats to keep in mind:

  • Pre-2021 problems: Success rates of 89% (easy), 71% (medium), and 40% (hard).

  • Post-2021 problems: Success rates dropped to 52% (easy) and 0.66% (hard).

The good, the bad, and the buggy

The research underscores the importance of providing AI with additional context and feedback to improve code quality and reduce vulnerabilities.

ChatGPT was fairly good at solving problems in different coding languages, especially those existing on LeetCode before 2021.

For example, it produced functional code for easy, medium, and hard problems with success rates of about 89%, 71%, and 40%, respectively.

However, ChatGPT's ability to generate correct code for newer problems dropped significantly.

It sometimes failed to understand the meaning of questions, even for easy problems.

This is likely because ChatGPT is better at addressing issues it has encountered before and lacks the critical thinking skills of a human.

Overall, developers using ChatGPT should provide additional information to help the AI understand problems better and avoid vulnerabilities.

By understanding these nuances, developers can better leverage AI tools like ChatGPT in their workflows.

Programmers, your job is safe - but for how long?

Would you be okay with AI writing your code?

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TikTok is introducing "Genie," an AI chatbot aimed at upgrading user interaction and functionality for Western audiences.

Genie will provide more than just Q&A - users can engage within video streams, getting real-time assistance and new interactive features.

Here’s what Genie will do:

  • Real-time assistance in video streams.

  • Integration of AI technologies like virtual live-streamers and the "StreamVoice" system.

  • Enhanced user engagement, offering creative tools within chat interactions.

A leap in user interaction

This move follows TikTok’s earlier chatbot, "Tako," trialled in the Philippines. Genie will incorporate TikTok’s advanced generative AI, similar to Douyin’s (China’s TikTok).

TikTok hopes to transform the user experience with AI, making it more engaging and interactive.

Does it bring back videos I watched, but then can never find again?

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