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Experts have said that AI will help level up the gaming industry and lead to a boom in the number of games being made, and therefore the number of jobs.

Dr Richard Wilson, boss of TIGA, says AI will "reduce the cost of making games and speed up the process".

Having the ability to create hundreds of pages worth of scripts, voice background characters or draw thousands of pieces of art could be a game changer for the industry according to some senior figures.

Some games have already used AI art to make games feel more dense and realistic, without the need for meticulously creating thousands of assets that will only ever be seen in the background.

Imagine a big open-world game where you could interact with every single character, and they all have unique dialogue that is AI-generated. It will be a whole new level of immersion!

Hopefully, characters aren’t going to be hitting us with “an error occurred. Please try again later”!


Get better at using the AI tools that matter with our regular prompt tips.


Struggling to think of that perfect word? Ask ChatGPT to become a Thesaurus and it will generate a list of other words with the same meaning as your input!


US Company Fable Simulation has managed to create an AI South Park generator. With just a simple prompt, the tool is capable of creating “episodes” a few minutes in length, including all of the animation, editing and voice acting.

“Not just the dialogue. It animates, it does the voices, it does the editing,” said Edward Saatchi the company’s chief executive.

The tool also enables you to create a character of yourself, using your own voice and looks. It can then integrate you into the episodes it makes.

Sadly, the tool will never be made public, so you can’t try this yourself. The company acknowledged it was absolutely a breach of copyright, and they only did it as an internal experiment.

South Park is known for being extremely topical, and an episode released this February made light of ChatGPT and even credited it as one of the writers!

Maybe there will be an episode about a tv show generator next season!


Embrace the power of resilience, for it is in the face of adversity that your true strength emerges, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Your daily pearl of wisdom from ChatGPT.


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