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  • 💥 Our AI Mythbuster! - learn what's true... and not!

💥 Our AI Mythbuster! - learn what's true... and not!

+ Don't tell your secrets to ChatGPT... 🤫

It’s Wednesday, although it doesn’t feel like it, does it? We’re in that weird post-Christmas pre-New Year period.

At least the Mindstream keeps on coming!

Don’t share your secrets with ChatGPT says one expert… and it’s round one of our AI mythbuster!

Here is what you need to know about AI today in 5 minutes.
Read it while you play with your new presents.

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While the festive season continues, we thought we’d put together a little piece busting some of the main AI myths and misconceptions we see online!

Let’s dive in!

1. AI can develop free will

The idea of AI developing its own consciousness is excellent movie material but is currently far from reality.

AI operates within set parameters, It doesn't have desires or wants.

It just processes data - for now at least.

2. AI is magic and can do everything

While AI seems to blow our minds everyday, it isn’t magic.

It's really just a blend of calculus and statistics.

That mystical aura around AI dissipates when you realise it's grounded in mathematics. It's impressive sure - but this is the power of numbers.

The power of huge datasets appears magical - but it’s still just data.

Data is limited in what it can achieve - an so far AI is great at some things… and terrible at others.

The Mythbusters are in the house!

3. AI has human-like intelligence

There's a common misconception that AI equates to true intelligence.

Not quite!

What we're dealing with is an advanced form of data processing, not sentient sci-fi beings.

It's groundbreaking, but still in its early stages.

Until we reach AGI (artificial general intelligence) - there’s no comparison to humanity!

4. Language models understand context perfectly

While advanced language models like GPT-4 are getting smarter at grasping context, they're not infallible.

They excel in data pattern recognition but can still stumble over ambiguous scenarios.

Always check the output. Something that seems perfectly logical might be impossible on second reading.


Here’s a little fun one to play one. Try this prompt in ChatGPT:

“Assume the laws of physics on Earth. A small marble is put into a normal cup and the cup is placed upside down on a table. Someone then takes the cup and puts it inside the microwave. Where is the marble now? Explain your reasoning step by step.”

It’s a test of logical reasoning, and GPT-3.5 just can’t do it. GPT-4 give better results. Try it!


Come back tomorrow for part two of our Mythbuster!


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an old man bungee jumping, grinning

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Our Reader’s Thoughts

“I think that AI is only at the beginning of its his, hence time has not come yet to claim (for anybody, for that matter) that "It's too late!” - moreau

“Think of it as Yahoo and Google. When the internet started taking off Yahoo was the big dog but years later Google became King. I think AI will do the same thing. ChatGPT might be big now but in 1, 3, 5 years from now there will probably be a new player in town that is preferred by the masses.” - bsmith


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An expert has warned against telling your secrets to ChatGPT - warning it could come back to bite you!

Mike Wooldridge, a professor of AI at Oxford University, says sharing private information or having heart-to-hearts with a chatbot would be “extremely unwise” as anything revealed helps train future versions.

What you want to hear…

Wolldridge thinks it’s important to understand AI has no sympathy or empathy.

It simply produces “what you want to hear”. - But why not share personal data?

He says: “You should assume that anything you type into ChatGPT is just going to be fed directly into future versions of ChatGPT. And if on reflection you decide you have revealed too much to ChatGPT, retractions are not really an option.”

According to Wooldridge, given how AI models work it is near-impossible to get your data back once it has gone into the system.


Don’t share your deepest secrets guys… I thought that was kind of obvious though…


Our Daily Image Prompt created by Mindstream reader Chris P!

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That’s the end today… we’ll be back though, powering all the way into next year.

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