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  • 🧠 AI MIRRORS the human brain! - how?

🧠 AI MIRRORS the human brain! - how?

+ Nvidia staff warn about RACIST AI! 😮

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Some mind-blowing science today, plus some questionable decisions by Nvidia

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A fascinating new experiment has shown that AI can mimic the way the human brain acts regarding memory.

This one is gonna get a bit technical so bear with me…

Hippocampal functions?

The key to AI systems is how they learn and remember information. The scientists in question applied principles of human brain learning, specifically concentrating on memory consolidation through the NMDA receptor in the hippocampus, to AI models.

The results then showed a striking similarity between AI memory processing and the human brain’s hippocampal functions.

who needs a brain when we have AI?

Similarities to the brain

The NMDA receptor in question acts as a door in the brain that facilitates learning and memory formation. When glutamate is present, the door opens. On the other hand, when magnesium is present it “blocks” the door.

The AI model seemed to use a gatekeeping process similar to the brain’s NMDA receptor.

They then tested if they could apply what they knew about brains to the AI model.

The researchers found that long-term memory in the AI model can be improved by mimicking the NMDA receptor.

Did that make sense? I’m struggling to wrap my head around it myself.


Mind-boggling stuff, right guys? AI and brains aren’t so dissimilar…


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Two senior Nvidia staff warned the company about inherent biases built into AI as long ago as 2020, a Bloomberg report has revealed.

In a meeting with CEO Jensen Huang, their concerns went largely unheeded, leading to them quitting the company months later.

The problem of discrimination in AI

The discussion included instances of bias in facial recognition technologies used to power self-driving cars.

The aim of the meeting was to find a way to confront the potentially perilous unintended consequences of AI head-on - of which they believed would likely hit marginalised communities first.

We’ve seen evidence of this come to fruition. As AI models are built on large datasets, any biases present in this data will pass on to the AI. For example, train an AI model on Twitter (looking at you Elon) - and its worldview will be informed by everything on that platform…

Nvidia also has one of the poorest records in tech when it comes to minority representation in its workforce, and one of its generative AI products came under criticism for its failure to account for people of colour.

Nvidia’s response to the article was that they ” continue to devote tremendous resources to ensuring that AI benefits everyone.”

Pretty lame, right?


This is something AI models will have to deal with going forward. Otherwise the biases in our society will be reflected in our AIs.


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