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Happy Weekend, reader!

AI is hunting for aliens today, meanwhile, ChatGPT glitched so much it spoke actual gibberish.

Also, it’s “AI Image or Real” day - can you tell?

We’re excited to announce we’ve got something big cooking with RAD AI! Check it out!

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Imagine scouring billions of potential homes for just one neighbour - that's the needle-in-a-haystack challenge facing the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

AI, though, is making the hunt more exciting than ever.

Traditionally, SETI scanned narrow radio signals like ours.

But what if aliens use a different channel?

Finding ET?

Enter AI, the data maestro. It can sift through massive amounts, searching for patterns humans might miss.

Take Breakthrough Listen, scanning a million stars and galaxies across radio and light wavelengths.

A student, Peter Ma, trained AI to spot real signals amidst "space noise."

His system even found 8 potential alien signals! (Sorry, false alarm for now).

Less "Lost in Space", More "Interstellar"

Not just ETs, AI is also helping analyse Martian rocks for signs of past life. Imagine a machine learning whiz kid sorting through half a million data points per sample!

Early days, but promising.

But with AI's help, we're casting a wider net and analysing deeper than ever before.

So, keep those spaceships fueled, folks! We might just have company soon.

Our View:

Who wants to watch E.T?

How do you think we'll find aliens first?

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We are delighted to announce Mindstream CEO Adam Biddlecombe will be joining Jeremy Barnett, the CEO of RAD AI, to discuss how digital marketing is entering a new era, thanks to the power of AI.

Digital marketing spending will reach $750B in 2024!

Learn how RAD is utilising AI to transform digital marketing efforts, giving unprecedented ROIs on campaigns, and how you can get involved in their journey to the very top of the AI marketing world!

They will speak about:

- How marketing is changing.

- The impact of AI.

- Predictions for the future.

- Why AI is perfect for optimising campaigns.

- How RAD AI is leading the charge.

You don't want to miss this one!

AI Image or Real?

Every Saturday we get you to vote on an image and guess whether it’s a real photo or an AI-generated image. 

An owl carved on a tree in the woods by an artist - but is it a masterpiece or just some AI trickery?

You decide! Vote below.

The answer and results are revealed in tomorrow’s Mindstream!

Real image or AI?

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OpenAI recently addressed and fixed issues after users noticed ChatGPT giving out odd answers.

Reports came in about the chatbot mixing languages, looping on itself, or spouting nonsense.

For example, it bafflingly linked the Jackson family's musical influence to "the sparkle of tourmar on the crest" in a conversation, leaving users scratching their heads.

Did someone spike the data punch?

OpenAI swiftly responded on their status page, acknowledging the glitch at 10:40PM ET and soon after, announced they were on the fix.

They're still keeping an eye on it, indicating ongoing vigilance.

These glitches might remind you of social media challenges where you create a sentence by continuously selecting the next predictive text.

It's a humorous comparison but sheds light on how large language models like ChatGPT work.

They're advanced versions of predictive text, designed to guess responses based on patterns in data.

However, take such quirky examples with caution.

While it's easy for some to fake these errors for laughs, real reports do share similarities, like ChatGPT repeating phrases or getting stuck.

This incident is a gentle nudge that, despite the rapid progress in AI chatbots, the technology and its underlying models are complex and somewhat mysterious, even to their developers.

They're built to predict and mimic human language by identifying data patterns, which generally works well.

Yet, this approach can sometimes lead to errors, misleading outputs, or even "hallucinations."

It's a fascinating glimpse into the challenges of developing AI that's both advanced and reliable.

Our View:

This ChatGPT episode was like watching your grandpa try to use Alexa.

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