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How AI is changing marketing forever...

+ UK gov banks on AI

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Happy Sunday all! Today we’re taking a deep look at how AI is transforming digital marketing!

Also - the UK gov has AI on the mind!

Big thanks to RAD AI, who helped us research and put together our long-form piece today.

Read time: 8 minutes


Global digital marketing spending is expected to reach $750B by 2025. As marketing moves increasingly into the digital realm - a new factor has come into play…


The next era of marketing?

How AI is going to impact marketing in the coming years is mind-bending. We’re already seeing tools that will generate ad copy and imagery - but that’s just the beginning.

What can AI really bring to digital marketing?

One company is trying to quantify that. RAD AI has been working to build its large language models and AI marketing technology for the last three years - long before ChatGPT went public.

The details are in the data - and with the power of AI, data can be analysed more quickly and in more depth than ever before.

By building an AI that digs deep into real-time and real-world conversations, RAD decodes the language of the internet into actionable, highly valuable insights for marketers.

A fresh vision

This kind of analysis enables companies to not only reach their audience but also engage with them on a deeper level, understanding their behaviours and interests with a level of precision that was previously impossible.

This vision is what RAD AI and its CEO Jeremy Barnett aim to realise. Jeremy is a 3x founder who has successfully built and exited multiple companies, including Trendy Butler, which helped pioneer subscription clothing over a decade ago.

Under Jeremy’s leadership, RAD has successfully raised over $27M, which will fund its ambitious goal of being the leading AI marketing platform.

Almost $7M of that total has been crowdfunded, and RAD continues to take early investment. 

AI “personas” are the key

RAD hopes that by doing the heavy number crunching behind the scenes, the data marketers need will be available at the click of a button. 

By selecting recommendations based on your brand, RAD will generate segments with a staggering amount of detail.

Their database of over 125,000 buyer personas, each analysed by AI - means that most ICPs have been integrated into RAD’s platform already, which can then be used to match with almost 25 million influencers, to find the most relevant place to promote.

AI will even suggest content optimisations to ensure your marketing assets are optimised for each placement.

These 25 million influencers are ranked by RAD’s “Persona Engine” - which tracks 5 key metrics:

  • Demographic (population, location, income, education) 

  • Psychographic (values, opinions, interests)

  • Ethnographic (daily routines)

  • Transactional  (historical customer relationships)

  • Behavioural (website behaviours + engagements)

That’s an insane amount of data to track - and it simply wouldn’t be possible without AI.

RAD has already partnered with leading companies - including Hasbro, Skechers and MGM Resorts - to deliver impressive campaign results.

Proven results with AI

For RAD, these results are the smoking gun - its AI-informed campaigns consistently deliver better ROIs, and now the word is out, every marketing tool will be trying to add AI integrations as fast as they can. 

But for RAD, they’ve been in the game for years already - training their language models to analyse historical and real-time content patterns across billions of real-world conversations.

Its efforts are already delivering 3.5x ROI for its customers.

It’s clear that the future of marketing is one that is increasingly dominated by AI - and there’s only room at the top for the early movers. 

Upcoming interview with RAD AI’s CEO!

With our backgrounds in marketing, the Mindstream team have been following RAD closely for a long time.

We are delighted to announce that Mindstream CEO Adam Biddlecombe will be interviewing RAD AI CEO Jeremy Barnett live on LinkedIn on March 12th!

They will be diving into the future of digital marketing, and how RAD is working to change that, going into more details on their system and predictions for the future of marketing.

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AI Image or Real? - The Results!

Yesterday we asked you to vote on an image and guess whether it was a real photo or an AI-generated image.

What did you think?

49% said made with AI…

51% said real photo…

It was… AI!

We were as confused as you were when we first saw it! This picture was made in Midjourney.


UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has announced plans to integrate AI and drones to cut public spending costs and improve productivity.

AI for everybody!

Mr Hunt is clearly thinking big on AI.

For example, the Department for Work and Pensions will “move away from paper-based communications” and planning applications will be sped up through the use of a new AI pilot.

AI will also be used to cut scan wait times on the NHS by up to 1/3 - 130,000 patients a year will receive their completed tests quicker as a result of at least 100 MRI scanners in England being upgraded with AI.

Big savings for the taxpayer

The Treasury is hoping that the proposed reforms will deliver as much as £1.8bn worth of benefits to public sector productivity by 2029.

£34m will be invested to reduce fraud with AI usage across government agencies - a move expected to save £100m.

Drones will also be deployed where it makes sense - such as traffic incidents - rather than actual police, to improve efficiencies in policing.

Our View:

There is such a thing as putting all your eggs in one basket, Mr Chancellor.

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