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  • 💀 AI can predict your DEATH!? - Try it yourself!

💀 AI can predict your DEATH!? - Try it yourself!

+ AI experts warn on elections! 😬

Welcome, one and all! It’s Mindstream time this Friday!

Some incredibly un-festive news today about AI death predictions and election interference.

Here is what you need to know about AI today in 5 minutes.
Read it with a pint of wine.

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A nice festive story for you today…

Just kidding! There’s an AI model that can predict the age you’ll die!

It’s called Life2vec and was invented by Danish scientists!

Is it accurate?

That’s the key question right? Well, shockingly, scientists found it to be 78% accurate in controlled studies!

The model has the health data of 6 million Danes inside it, making it able to give eerily accurate predictions on your lifespan.

That’s not all - the model can also supposedly predict how wealthy you will be when you die as well.

Now powered by AI!

Can I try it?

That’s all you wanted to know, isn’t it. Well, the model supposedly is not yet public… but there are bots claiming to use the model.

I tried one claiming to use the Life2vec model and after answering a handful of questions, it said I’d reach 85… rookie numbers! We’re aiming for 120 over here!

Take it with a pinch of salt, as this probably isn’t the proper model!


I want to try the proper one! How about you?


Start your day by trying this prompt in your image generator of choice.

“Santa flying over the earth”

Happy with the result? ⬇️


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Would you want to know when you will die?

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Yesterday’s Poll:
“Do you believe AI can truly invent new things?”

Our Reader’s Thoughts

“Yes. How does a human create new things? By copying what's around them, taking ideas, content, etc. and making something new out of it” - Alex

“It's been proven to make "discoveries" which are not legally inventions. But it's clearly not just copying.” - Jim


Every Friday we give you a simple, actionable prompt tip to try over the weekend to get better at using AI.

DALL-E Ideation

When making images in ChatGPT, first ask for a bunch of concepts based on what you are looking for. From here, ask it to create the ideas you like, then refine. It’s a sure fire why to get creative outputs based on your ideas.


Happiness is not found in external circumstances but in the way you choose to perceive and respond to life.

Your daily pearl of wisdom from ChatGPT.


Did you know next year, more than 2 billion people in 50 countries will go to the polls?

Not only is there the US presidential election but also a UK election, an election in India (Now the world’s most populous country!) and countless others.

Experts have warned that AI could have a critical impact on the outcomes.

AI, meet democracy

Martina Larkin, chief executive of a non-profit seeking to promote internet safety, warned politicians were "at the top of the pyramid" when it comes to AI-driven misinformation.

Deepfakes, where high-profile figures are digitally cloned in realistic videos, are of particular concern.

We’ve already seen some deepfakes of big politicians. Expect this to go into absolute overdrive during election periods.

Regulation is lacking, and it is certain that AI is going to be used by bad actors to try and manipulate us.

Get ready for the year of political chaos.


Don’t believe anything you see in political ads. Although that’s easier said than done…


Our daily image prompt created by Mindstream reader Chris P!

Do you make AI art?
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We get a lot of submissions, but we do look at every single one! So please don’t hesitate to send us your art.


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