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What’s in store:

  • AI can replace animal testing.

  • Nothing’s next smartphone will be AI-focused.

  • Around the web: Google acquires Cameyo to enhance virtualized Windows app support in ChromeOS.

  • Skill Leap is the Netflix of AI!

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Animal testing has long been a contentious issue, carried out to ensure the safety of drugs and other substances for humans.

Researchers are leveraging AI to find alternatives to animal testing, aiming to make this process more humane and efficient.

AI's role in this field is expanding rapidly. One significant application involves using AI to analyse existing global animal testing results.

This helps scientists avoid unnecessary new tests by sifting through decades of data more efficiently than humans can.

Joseph Manuppello, a senior research analyst, expressed excitement about AI's potential, highlighting tools like ChatGPT for data synthesis.

Here’s how they’re doing it:

  • AI tools are revolutionising data analysis in toxicology.

  • Projects like AnimalGAN are developing virtual models to predict chemical reactions.

  • Regulatory acceptance of AI methods remains a challenge.

The AI alternative

Thomas Hartung, a toxicology professor, notes that AI can match or surpass human capabilities in extracting information from scientific papers.

With over 1,000 new chemicals introduced annually, AI systems are becoming invaluable for preliminary toxicity assessments.

While AI advancements are significant, challenges remain.

Data bias, where AI systems are trained on non-representative datasets, can skew results.

However, AI is proving to be more accurate than traditional animal testing in many cases.

For instance, some drugs that failed animal tests went on to be widely used in human medicine.

Projects like AnimalGAN and Virtual Second Species are pioneering AI's potential to replace animal testing.

These initiatives, developed by institutions like the US Food and Drug Administration and the UK’s National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research, aim to create virtual models to predict chemical reactions accurately.

The major hurdle for AI testing is regulatory approval, a process that takes time.

Nonetheless, some advocate for an outright ban on animal testing, hoping AI can lead to a future without animal experiments.

Who knew algorithms could care more about animal welfare than some humans?

Do you think AI will completely replace animal testing in the near future?

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Nifty Numbers

ChatGPT Usage Across the Globe

ChatGPT is the most widely recognised and utilised generative AI product among six countries surveyed, with approximately 50% of the online population aware of it. Despite its popularity, frequent use remains small, with just 1% of the Japanese population using it daily, 2% in France and the UK, and 7% in the USA.


Nothing CEO Carl Pei recently shared his AI-centric vision for smartphones, claiming they are the AI gadgets of the future and that AI will transform how we use them.

Despite advances in speed, aesthetics, and ease of use, Pei believes the fundamental smartphone experience has stagnated, but this is about to change.

Pei hints at the upcoming Phone 3, expected to be Nothing’s first true AI phone, possibly launching in July.

In a video demo, Nothing showcased a personalised voice assistant similar to OpenAI’s GPT-4 and a dynamic home screen that combines an app launcher with a news feed.

This system aims to anticipate user needs, displaying relevant information like QR codes, reminders, and weather updates.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Smartphones as AI Gadgets: Pei believes AI will revolutionise smartphone usage.

  • Upcoming Phone 3: Expected to be Nothing’s first AI-centric phone.

  • Shift Beyond Apps: A future where AI anticipates user needs, minimising app visibility.

Smartphones about to get smarter

Pei envisions a shift from app-centric models to a more intuitive system where AI predicts and provides what you need.

However, he acknowledges this transition will take time, as users are not ready to abandon apps entirely.

Drawing parallels with Nintendo, Pei emphasises that Nothing’s goal is to create enjoyable and functional technology rather than merely competing on technical specs.

Nothing has been exploring AI integration for some time, incorporating ChatGPT into its Ear headphones.

Pei has previously expressed the desire to move beyond the traditional app model, suggesting a future where phones use apps in the background without them being prominently visible.

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