🎵 AI brings ELVIS back to life!

+ Microsoft adding AI key to keyboards! ⌨️

Best day of the week! Best day of the week! Thursday.

Today Elvis is back with AI and Microsoft is adding a new key to keyboards for the first time in my lifetime (seriously).

Here is what you need to know about AI today in 5 minutes.

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AI is being used to revive Elvis, with a new live show promising a highly realistic avatar and never-before-seen music.

Layered Reality is creating the avatar, and says the event, which uses AI and holographic projection, will be the "world's first Elvis immersive experience".

How and why?

The Elvis estate has granted access to thousands of photos, videos and audio recordings - which is being used to create a replica Elvis hologram, with the help of AI.

The show is called “Elvis Evolution” and will span the king of rock-n-roll’s entire career.

Layered Reality’s CEO said:
“Elvis Evolution is a next-generation tribute to the musical legend that is Elvis Presley. It'll be a memory-making experience that will be a bucket-list item for Elvis fans and admirers around the world.”

AI and Elvis - the collab we never knew we needed

Where can I see it?

The show is launching in London later this year, although the venue is yet to be announced.

Other performances (if you can call it that) are also planned for Las Vegas, Tokyo and Berlin at some time in the future.


It might sound gimmicky, but ABBA’s holographic show has rave reviews - is this one for your bucket list?

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“Every new disruptive era faces pushback. Will AI face setbacks and roadblocks? Yes, but nothing it won’t be able to grow past.” - bcwaller

“The logical argument regarding passed-down learning as well as content sharing and being inspired by something is plausible. A child's mind and an AI mind are very similar. AI is way too integrated to stop now. ” - r4kayde

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Microsoft is making a big statement in its commitment to AI.

The company is adding an “AI” key to its keyboards - the first new keyboard key for Microsoft in over 30 years!

Copilot is here to stay

The key will seemingly activate Microsoft’s Copilot AI (a bit like how the microphone key activates Siri on Mac)

The first laptops will launch with this key in 2024, with designs set to be unveiled at CES in the coming days.

For context, the last time Microsoft added a key to their keyboard layout was the Windows Key in 1994 (I wasn’t born then!)

It’s clear Microsoft sees AI and personal computing as deeply intertwined going forward.


This is cool - and it really makes me wish Siri was more useful on my Mac - hurry up Apple!

Dark Souls as a movie. Created on Midjourney by Reddit user u/WarPack23

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“a Victorian robot hosting a vintage tea party”

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