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Hi there friend! How’s Thursday treating you so far?

Adobe's just got a new AI Assistant that does the reading, so you can go back to pretending you're too busy.

Which bots rank first? Is it OpenAI? Gemini maybe?

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Adobe has rolled out an AI assistant in Acrobat and Reader, aiming to make dealing with PDFs easier.

The tool, still being tested, will offer quick summaries and answer questions about PDFs directly within the apps.

Adobe plans to charge for this service once it's fully ironed out.

Say BYE to endless scrolling

It can give you the gist of lengthy documents, chat with you to answer questions, and even help generate citations.

This means less scrolling and more understanding, directly within your PDFs.

Plus, you won't need to upload your files somewhere else to get these benefits—it's all built-in.

Adobe's CEO, Shantanu Narayen, shared that this feature is part of Adobe's mission to make information more accessible and manageable, especially when you're faced with a massive document.

OpenAI who?

It's about making your work with PDFs simpler and more interactive.

As tech progresses, with companies like OpenAI creating new ways to generate video from text, Adobe isn't staying behind.

They're also working on improving their video tools, promising to use new tech wisely to enhance their products.

With Photoshop Generative Fill gaining Adobe plaudits, it’s clear they’re not resting on their laurels.

Our View:

PDFs just got… more exciting?

What would you most like your AI assistant to do for your PDFs?

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Keeping up with the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence (AI) is easy—just look at the leaderboards.

These online charts show us which AI models are leading the pack, from big names like Google's Gemini to OpenAI's GPT-4.

AI models are essentially complex formulas designed to do specific jobs.

Leaderboards rank these models based on how well they perform certain tasks, like understanding speech or solving problems.

These rankings are determined through tests that measure the AI's abilities in various areas.

Why GPT-4 still holds the crown

One example is the Open LLM Leaderboard by Hugging Face, which has rated over 4,200 models on different skills, including understanding texts and identifying false information.

So far, no AI has scored perfectly, but some are getting better than human levels at these tests.

This shows how much AI is improving, but also that we need tougher tests as AI gets smarter.

Chatbot Arena is another interesting project where people vote on which AI gives better answers.

It's a way to see how AI performs from a human perspective.

Benchmarks help us see how AI is progressing, but they're not perfect.

AI Models Earning Stripes

A good score on a benchmark doesn't mean the AI will be great at everything.

That's why some people do "vibe checks" to see how AI performs in real-life situations.

Even with their flaws, these benchmarks and leaderboards are crucial for pushing AI forward, challenging developers to keep making better and smarter AI models.

Our View:

Next week on “Keeping Up with the AIs”

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