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In Yoro, Honduras, they have an event called "Lluvia de Peces," or "Rain of Fish." After a heavy downpour, hundreds of little fish end up sprawled all over the ground every year - but no one knows why.

It's a total head-scratcher for both scientists and the folks who live there.


  • Accountancy just got less boring

  • AI found out why your beer tastes so good!

  • Learn about why we’re all in on RAD AI


Owen Hewitt is a trainee at an accountancy firm in the UK, and is among the first accountants starting their careers with AI tools.

He looks forward to AI handling the boring tasks he faces like crunching numbers, freeing up time for critical thinking about businesses and finances.

The consensus is that while AI is great at sorting through data, it can’t replace human insight for making complex decisions - good news for wannabe accountants.

Matthew Campbell from KPMG notes AI’s benefits in auditing, particularly in doing repetitive tasks faster, which might change the nature of some accountant jobs.

This efficiency gain, however, stirs concerns about job reductions, a sentiment echoed by 40% of senior audit professionals in a KPMG survey.

As AI takes on more of the grunt work, junior accountants are expected to shift towards roles that focus more on managing technology and client relationships rather than traditional bookkeeping - a huge change in what the role of an accountant actually is.

Are we ditching calculators?

Education for accountants is also changing to include data science, preparing them for a tech-savvy future.

Despite worries about AI leading to fewer jobs, many in the industry see it as a way to make work more interesting.

This is also a way to make work more interesting and keep talented professionals by removing the monotony from their day-to-day tasks.

  • Auditing job vacancies rose by 25% last year

  • 86% of auditors find AI cuts down on repetitive tasks

  • 83% prefer to work for firms that use AI

AI’s growing role in identifying data anomalies is also helping firms improve their auditing process, making the industry more efficient and accurate.

Looks like those long nights spent entering receipts are a thing of the past.

Would you trust a bot with your numbers?

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Marketing is an art, not a science — or, at least… it was.

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GPT of the Week

Meet Wolfram, your go-to for unlocking the power of dynamic computation and curated data. From simple calculations and unit conversions to complex data analysis and custom visualizations, Wolfram brings you efficient and accurate answers directly from the vast Wolfram Alpha and Cloud databases.


Belgium, known for its fantastic variety of beers, is now using AI to make beer taste even better.

Led by Prof Kevin Verstrepen at KU Leuven, the team is figuring out how our brains understand beer’s complex favours, which come from hunters of the aroma of molecules.

They looked into 250 Belgian beers, checking things like alcohol level, sweetness and over 200 flavour compounds.

They also had panels taste these beers and rate them while comparing notes with 180,00 online reviews.

Their findings?

Even small changes in the beer’s chemical makeup can make a big difference in taste.

They used AI to predict how adjustments in these chemicals could make beers taste better, especially focusing on non-alcoholic beers.

By tweaking the levels of certain substances, they manage to make beers more enjoyable, hitting the right notes in sweetness and body.

While AI helps in perfecting the recipe, the craft and skills of brewers are still key.

This blend of traditional brewing art and modern AI shows a promising way to upgrade our beer-drinking experience without losing the essence of what makes Belgian beers special.

Anybody else thirsty now?

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An anime-style, space-themed bedroom with colorful posters and figures, featuring a vibrant space view through a window.

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