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$800M studio cancelled... because of AI

+ Deepfakes for everybody!

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AI could be winning Academy Awards soon…

Oprah, Pierce Morgan and others got Deepfaked, and it wasn’t fun.

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Tyler Perry has put a temporary stop to a massive $800 million expansion of his Atlanta film studio… because of OpenAI's new AI video generator, Sora.

He's pressing pause because Sora's technology is so impressive he thinks it has the potential to significantly change how movies in the next few years, making a big studio a bad investment.

Annnnd…Action! (Or generate?)

Sora, which was unveiled to a select group of researchers and creators on February 15th, can create lifelike video clips from simple text instructions.

This technology could let filmmakers like Perry create scenes digitally, avoiding the need for travel and building sets.

For example, OpenAI demonstrated Sora's ability to generate a scene of a snowy, sakura-petal-filled Tokyo simply from a text prompt.

Perry's choice is leading to worries about job security in the film industry, affecting everyone from actors to builders involved in his studio plans.

He's already used AI to age his appearance in films, highlighting the technology's growing role in filmmaking.

Robots might win some Oscars soon

Perry stresses the importance of a collective industry response to AI's challenges.

Indicating that solo efforts may not be enough to save jobs in this fast-changing field.

Perry's cautious approach to studio expansion reflects the impact of AI advancements like Sora on film.

It shows the potential benefits and challenges this new technology introduces to the industry.

His call for teamwork highlights AI's big impact on filmmaking's future and the need to get ready for these changes.

Our View:

It’s gotta be better than Madame Web, right?

AI filmmaking: End of Hollywood or exciting new era?

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Deepfakes have struck again. High profile celebs like Piers Morgan, Nigella Lawson, and Oprah Winfrey have spoken out against fake adverts online.

These ads wrongly made it seem like they were backing a self-help program called "Genie Script," sold by Wesley Virgin for $37.

He claims it's based on a secret scripture that can change lives.

The problem?

These ads used advanced AI to mimic the celebrities' voices and images, tricking people into thinking the endorsements were real.

This situation has sparked a debate on the ethics of using AI in advertising and the responsibility of social media platforms to stop such misleading content.

Celebrities become puppets

YouTube and Meta have removed the ads, highlighting their stance against deceptive practices - but showing this is going to be a big game of cat and mouse.

This incident shines a light on the growing challenge of spotting fake content online and underscores the importance of ethical standards in digital advertising.

Our View:

Just another Oprah show. You get a Deepfake and YOU get a Deepfake and YOU GET A DEEPFAKE!

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