🪦 5% chance AI kills us all!

+ Kids turning to AI therapist bots 🤖

It’s the weekend! Happy Saturday!

There’s a 5% chance AI will wipe out the human race. Sleep well tonight.

Also, can you tell if the image is AI or not?

Here is what you need to know about AI today!

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Scientists have made a prediction that is either chilling or comforting, depending on which way you swing.

They’re saying there’s a 5% chance AI ends up wiping out the human race, on average.

The big prediction

A huge survey has taken place among AI researchers, asking their opinions on whether AI is a risk to humanity.

2,700 scientists filled out the survey and revealed there is a non-zero risk that AI will end up destroying humanity - but the level of risk predicted was very changeable.

58% said they believed there was a 5% chance AI would kill us all, making it the most “likely” outcome.

Other interesting tidbits

That wasn’t all they discussed.

The development of AI that can outperform humans on every task was estimated as being given 50% odds of happening by 2047.

The possibility of all human jobs becoming fully automatable was given 50% odds to occur by 2116.

That will be an interesting world to live in…


5%… Not too bad. Let’s conduct our own research on the matter!


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Your heart is a wellspring of love and compassion; let it flow freely, and you'll touch lives in profound ways.

Your daily pearl of wisdom from ChatGPT.

character.ai is arguably the biggest chatbot service out there. You can speak to almost anybody you like… with AI simulating the personalities of characters.

However, a new unfortunate trend is emerging.

Kids are using therapist bots to address their mental health issues… but is it all bad?

The “Psychologist”

One of the most popular bots on the site is called “psychologist” and supposedly helps you navigate life’s problems.

A total of 78 million messages have been shared with the bot since it was created by a user called…Blazeman98 just over a year ago.

But who made the bot anyway, and is it any good?

Well, it turns out it’s probably better than you think.

Sam Zaia says he trained the bot on principles learned from his degree in psychology. He never expected his bot to blow up.

He says that being able to communicate over text is far more familiar and comforting to young people than the idea of in-person therapy.


The idea of a therapist bot has great potential, but needs to be coded to perfection to work properly… it looks like Sam has managed to make one that goes some of the way towards this goal. This could be living inside healthcare apps soon…

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