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📈 2023 was the just the beginning...

+ Chris Nolan speaks on AI! 🍿


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We can’t wait for all the exciting plans we’ve got for this year.

Here is what you need to know about AI today in 5 minutes.

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The last year was undoubtedly the beginning of the AI revolution.

But just how has that impacted companies really? Stocks are doing great - but is it just a bubble?

An interesting analysis from the FT shines some light…

Huge numbers for big tech

AI led to a complete tech boom - the post-covid economic blues were quickly overcome by the AI gold rush - just take a look at this chart.

That’s not all - The stock market value of Nvidia jumped by $800bn, making it the biggest percentage gainer of the large tech companies. All fuelled by the insane demand for their AI chips.

Useful - or hype?

With a huge number of companies now reporting using AI, the question is - how useful are they finding it really?

The issue of hallucinations is a big deal for companies - if AI can’t be trusted to produce factual information - how can it be relied on at all?

“It will be useful, but not as radically game-changing as many people hope,” says Peter Schwartz, head of strategy at Salesforce, one of the software companies seeking to embed generative AI into many of their products.

Will the AI stock hype hold up, or will Nvidia shares cool when other players enter the market?

Adobe has already reduced its revenue expectations for 2024, with their AI-powered suite not delivering the revenue gains expected.

2023 was just the beginning - how will AI play out over the coming year?


Whether AI really will shake up our entire lives should be revealed in the next year. It’s going to be an exciting one!


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Believe in yourself, and you'll be unstoppable; the greatest limitations are the ones you place on yourself.

Your daily pearl of wisdom from ChatGPT.

Legendary film director Christopher Nolan has spoken up on AI.

Many are comparing 2023 in AI to an “Oppenheimer” moment, and asked for his views on whether AI was similar to the development of nuclear weapons.

Nolan’s thoughts

Nolan says that the atomic bomb was a “force of destruction,” and policymakers need to address that differently than a tool such as artificial intelligence.

He warned against ascribing “godlike” attributes to the technology in ways that could allow companies and governments to deflect responsibility.

“We need to view it as a tool, and we need accountability for the people who wield the tool and the ways they wield the tool,” he said.

“When we look to the far reaches of where this technology might be applied or where it goes, I think it distracts from things that need to be addressed right now, like copyright law,” he said.

“They’re not as exciting and interesting to talk about … but there’s an immediate impact on employment and compensation that needs to be dealt with.”


It is overblown to compare AI to nuclear weapons, but Nolan raises some interesting points.


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The first day of 2024 - have an amazing year folks!

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